Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Turning Inward

Oh how i wish (me and everyone else!) i could've been in DC yesterday. I probably wouldn't have enjoyed being cramped on the Mall (and unable to get to a decent bathroom!), but to be in in the Nation's Capitol on such a momentous day would've been incredible. I kept hearing about how "electric" the city was and was uber jelly. Instead i watched the festivities unfold on the TV in the lounge/break room of my office. Humph. Not the same thing at all, although emotions ran high, tears were shed, and hoots heard. It was a great morning.

The rest of the day, i found myself irrationally emotional. I felt like i was constantly on the brink of tears (mostly happy, some confusing) ALL day/evening. All this talk of change and the sobering reality of the state of the nation got me turning inwards and doing some serious reflection. Don't i always do that? Something was different about yesterday. The gravity of the economic crisis weighs me down more and more with each passing day. I'm inspired by our new Mr. President, and i am confident that he is most capable of paving the way to a better tomorrow. And i find myself wondering... how can i help?

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