Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love is Everywhere!

Bonjour, mes amies!! I'm having the loveliest day - how about you? Maybe it's because the sun is shining here in beautiful Austin, TX, and I spent the morning at a symposium focusing on women in leadership. The panelists were all incredible, and i just find it so inspiring to hear from such accomplished, kickass women. Also ran into my own mentor (also a superwoman in her own right.. partner of one of the major law firms, mother to a five-year old and twin 2-year old girls, etc.) which was a pleasant surprise. :-)

I'm back in the office now, trying to catch up on lost time, but i took a petit break to take a peek around Etsy. As i was browsing, i noticed that i had feedback (frequent buyer.. have yet to sell!) from all the sellers from whom i've purchased. And WOW what nice feedback! "Lovely customer... lightning fast payment... wonderful transaction.." Even in my private conversations with some of the sellers, they are always the sweetest, most creative women, and i just can't help but smile. What a delightful space Etsy has become for individuals to expose their creative pursuits to the rest of the world.

On a much lower note, i'm saddened to hear that Conde Nast has officially closed its doors on Domino Magazine. Quelle nightmare!! I just can't imagine a world sans Domino.. where else can i turn for fresh, chic and fun design inspiration?? The only other publication that rivals Domino, in my opinion, is the British magazine Living etc. It's FABULOUS, but also a bit pricey for moi to buy on a regular basis here in the States (yet another reason i miss my London life). Don't get me wrong, i enjoy House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Metropolitan Living, etc., but they don't have the same pizazz as Domino and Ideal Home. Ah well... thank goodness i have the wonderful blogging community to turn to in times like these. ;-)

Ok - back 2 work!

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