Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bay House

WARNING: There are A LOT of pictures in this post. But the house was just so beautiful that i couldn't help myself. Plus the pups were all so adorable!!

Anyway, highlights of the weekend included (in no particular order): blowing bubbles, fresh fish (literally caught earlier that afternoon!) for dinner (with delicious cheese grits), feeding the seagulls, laying out and catching up, beaucoup de vin, ping pong, hammocks and swings, stepping in dog poop with my bare feet (AGAIN), a really fun trip to the Galvy Wal-Mart (tacky city but where i found a TWILIGHT game!), sleeping w/ Lola in a delicious king sized bed, having to get towed back to shore by a crab fisherman b/c our jet ski died in the middle of the bay, shrimp cocktail/fresh berries/gourmet cheese, frozen margaritas on demand (bestie's dad ROCKS), and lots and LOTS of girl talk. I love my Pony/Bestie. Can't wait for Round Deux!!

P.S. Yes, i realize i take a LOT of pictures of dogs, particularly my dog. But she's just so darn cute!

P.P.S. There are no human pics b/c (1) Bestie would kill me if i put them up here and (2) we were mostly makeup-less, sans blow-dryer, aka not in our prime. ;-)


Melita said...

i LOVE all the pics (i'm sure you've noticed i'm a bit of a pic nut myself). what a wonderful bay house and cute, cute pups!! looks like you had a wonderful time. i'm jealous.

ta soeur said...

I love the house -- tell Pony her place is gorgeous and of course the dogs looked like they had tons of fun.