Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canada: Part Deux

Yes, I know this post is way delayed ("way delayed" - I'm so eloquent, eh?), but at the risk of sounding like a broken record player, work has been nuts. Yesterday I had a mini meltdown, one that involved beaucoup de tears and a rather ridiculous phone call to my mother. Let's just say I am finally experiencing some of the things most first year associates have already experienced, and they're not pleasant. Luckily I seem to have gotten past it and finally feel like I can relax tonight. Soooo what better time to update my blog, n'est ce pas?

Okay so Canada. As you know, I spent the first few days in Agassiz and Kent exploring the gorgeous scenery and celebrating my cousin's wedding. The Saturday after the wedding, Mom and I woke up to cloudy, rainy skies and enjoyed some quality time together before meeting up with the entire family for a lovely brunch (the FIRST place I found in Agassiz that served real cream with my coffee. Me no likey the little plastic tub crap.).

After brunch I said au revoir to Mom and headed back to Vancouver with my cousin John and his wife Allison. After a petite nap, we all headed downtown so that Allison could do some work. Luckily her office is in the same building as an underground MALL so I was happy to come along. My first stop was H&M (we don't have one in TX - le sad) which was, of course, packed and loud and full of annoying teens (like all H&M's). Still I managed to get some goodies, including fun Hello Kitty socks and gold Bollywood-esque earrings. After H&M, I visited the Canadian store Aritzia (which apparently is where the Bachelorette bought all her clothes?) - an uber trendy store full of loose, drapey tanks and muted neutrals. A bit pricey, but the one cardigan I bought has gone with literally everything in my work wardrobe. I cannot say the same about many items I've bought in the past that cost less.

After my mini shopping spree, I met up with J & A and we grabbed some delicious Korean "fast food" (a delicacy I so wish we had in Austin). After my tummy was happy and full, we got back in the car and took a drive through Stanley Park. It wasn't sunny and sparkly, but the cloudy grey skies made the park eerily beautiful.

After the drive, we headed back home where I did some more napping before going to a nearby South Indian restaurant where I ordered... the most giant dosa on the planet. Don't believe me? Voila!

After a long, delicious evening of sleep (Canada is good for sleeping, i've decided), I had a leisurely morning and made a game plan for the day. First stop? Granville Island (my favorite Vancouver spot!).

Granville Island is essentially a collection of warehouse type buildings, each with a cute name and full of adorable shops.

Example of one of the adorable shops - one full of postcards!!

One of my fave buildings was the market, FULL of gorgeous food stalls and delicious, delicious DELICIOUS food. I think I had a yummy spinach feta scone (savory scones - yum!) a mini almond berry pie. :)

After Granville Island, I walked all over the city. Fourth Avenue, Robson Street, etc. All in all I had a great time, and Vancouver is a beautiful city. But... it's not a city in which I aspire to live. My heart still belongs to Austin. (And Paris and London and maybe NYC and DC...)


Melita said...

i love this post. makes me want to go to canada even more! lovely pics. so glad you had a good time.

Lavanya said...

ooh- what fun!! Looks like you had a fabulous time..*grabs the dosa*.lol. Lovely pics!

Ellecubed said...

This is such a great post. It makes me long for Vancouver all over again. I am so thrilled that you had a great time and got to see a lot of the wonderful things vancouver has to offer.

Rachel said...

It looks like you had a lovely time. Hope you're feeling less stress by this weeks end!

C said...

What a lovely time it looks like you had Carolyn! I am glad that you enjoyed yourself!!

Yogadiva said...

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing.


kaileenelise said...

i bet it was nice to revisit your amazing trip after the busy work days you've had. i hope you have a wonderful weekend ;)

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Thanks for sharing. I have never been to Vancouver so it was an interesting read. Like you my heart is dotted all over the world. I have the grass is always greener syndrome!

Hugs to you about your work. Glad you have some rest time, even if only for a short while.

Cathi said...

thank you for sharing that...I would love to go to Vancouver again...i loved it the first time! have a great weekend!