Monday, September 21, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Bonjour, mes amies! This is going to be a scattered and likely nonsensical (is that a word?) post, but I feel the need to write it. Mostly because I need a break from my project, and I'm pretty confident that I'll make my Tuesday deadline (got pushed back - woot).

Le Weekend - So my weekend was... uneventful. My life consisted of the picture below, although sometimes I shook things up and moved everything into the living room. For the record, the black laptop is my work comp., and I was using my mac to watch, um, episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project... which leads me to my next topic.

RZ - I love Rachel Zoe. Admittedly I didn't know much about her before her reality show except that she was super thin and had some falling out with Nicole Richie. I also knew that the "boho-glam" style for which she became famous was right up my alley. I think the show has humanized her a bit, and people are surprised that she's not the anorexic uber-b*tch she was rumored to be. That being said, I'm sure there are oodles of you who think her show is a joke and can't stand her. I get that. But if you hear me gasp, "I. DIE." or "omg her hair is BANANAS," then please don't shoot me. I can't help myself!

Fall Fashion - While we're on the topic of clothes (and shoes and bangles and handbags and all that good stuff!!), a petite word on fall fashion. Fall is undoubtedly the BEST season for fashion, as evidenced by NY Fashion Week and the ridiculously thick September issues of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle. (Btw you should definitely see The September Issue. LOVES.) There is nothing I adore more than boots and scarves and darling coats and crazy-colored tights. Normally I go nuts as soon as the fall clothes hit the stores (which is now), which is STUPID considering it's still 90 degrees in TX (shoot me in the face, y'all). This year I told myself I could NOT go crazy for obvious reasons. First, I'm on a budget. And second, what is the point of buying items I can't wear for at LEAST another 2 months? It's been... hard. The key for moi is to avoid temptation as much as possible, so I have stayed away from GILT sales, all my fave Austin boutiques, and even Tarjay as much as possible. Le sad.

Another thing I've done is to create a "Fall Wish List" of items that I think are investment pieces and that I actually "need." (I use that term loosely b/c let's be honest, none of NEEDS anything.) Anyway here's a peek at my Fall Fashion Wish List:

1. Black riding-style boots (loving the Frye Paige boots - hear they are good for muscular calves, which i def. have)

2. Classic trench (I haven't had one in years, and let's face it, it's a must-have.)

3. Sequined jacket (this is probably a little less need-y than the others, but it just adds a certain je ne said quo to a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit. j'adore!)

4. Nude ballerina flats (they go with everything, are tres helpful to have at work, and are not terribly trendy. i love the Tory Burch Reva.)

So the thing is, I can't buy any of these items for myself. I'm going to ask for some as Christmas gifts and just hope that others magically appear on my doorstep! ;-)

Things that make me happy today - I love the concept of happy lists. They're just so cheery, n'est ce pas? Here's a petit list of what's making moi happy today...

- big Texas hair (oh yeah... I have it)

- these gorgeous stackable stella & dot rings i got in the mail today, courtesy of Ma Soeur

- the forecast for this week: thunderstorms and lows in the 60's. Unheard of!

- iced coffee & breakfast tacos

- TV tonight! Gossip Girl & The Rachel Zoe Project = my top 2 faves!!

- FREE CABLE (please don't hit me)

- my skin. i am BLESSED with good skin, courtesy of Momma Park, and i often take it for granted. i am so lucky that i can leave the house sans foundation/powder/concealer and look just fine. when i'm hating on my face, belly, legs, arms, aka EVERYTHING else, i try to remind myself of how lucky i am to have pretty skin.

That's all for now, my loves. Must get back 2 work!!


Melita said...

hey darlin'!! glad to hear you had a good yet productive weekend. i love working from my bed :) love both your wish and happiness lists!

Ang said...

Love your blog! First time I've seen it, found you o Twitter. That makes two times today that I've heard someone lamenting a need for a sequined jacket....hoping that means those sequined and beaded cadis and jackets at my vintage shop will get some action!


FB @ said...

I DIE for Rachel Zoe. She is OMG totally bananas.

I think she's such a sweet, surprisingly down to earth spotlight shunning woman

although, why she let herself be filmed 24 hrs/day is beyond me if she hates the spotlight so much :)

Rachel said...

Love the happy lists!
You are awesome, girl! :)

*** said...

Ohhh! I stole your concept of the happy list :)

Paula said...

Love the Happy list! I gave you a shout-out in my blog and made my own happy list :)

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Sounds like a productive week-end in a snug atmosphere. I love The Rachel Zoe project. Seen season 1 over here but season 2 is not airing yet.

Pink Heels said...

I am sooooooo proud of you for not running out and buying all of these superficial "needs." Although, I have to agree, a classic trench coat is an essential wardrobe item. HOWEVER, it would make a GREAT Christmas gift. : )