Monday, September 7, 2009

Yogademia: Bittersweet Inspiration

Bonjour, mes amies, and Happy Labor Day! Voila Hang On Little Tomato's final guest blogger: Kiki of the wonderful Yogademia. Kiki always presents relevant and thought-provoking material, and I just knew you guys would love having her here. Enjoy and see you soon!!

as autumn draws near
our hearts feel closer
to this small tearoom
-Basho, Japanese poet (1644-1694)

Because autumn is a time of reflection and drawing inwards, tea on an autumn day reminds me of my past autumns spent in different cities and countries. These are sometimes wonderful memories, and sometimes very difficult to think about. Perhaps the memories and ideas autumn evokes for you are nostalgic, perhaps they are bittersweet, or perhaps they are more bitter than sweet.

When we talk of inspiration, often it is a powerfully joyful and positive feeling. Given how bittersweet autumn can be, this might not be a feeling you use for creative inspiration. Because of its vaguely negative tone, "bittersweet" might not be the inspiration you expected, or are used to. But rather than running away from it, stay with it, and savor it for a change.

Instead of turning your ideas and memories conjured up by autumn into personal drama, use them to fuel your creativity. "Bittersweet" is a powerful feeling to express in your writing, collaging, jewelry-making, painting, cooking, blogging, or whatever you do. There is nothing wrong with bittersweet inspiration; we're just not used to how strange it feels at the start.

Sipping tea outside on a crisp autumn day can help you see the sweet in the bitter, and the poetry in your difficult memories. Take the time for a single cup of tea outside to see what thoughts and feelings come up. The bittersweetness of autumn might just be the inspiration you need to expand your creativity in a completely new direction.

All it takes is a single cup of tea.

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Kiki said...

Thanks for inviting me to guest blog, Carolyn! I loved writing this post, and anytime you want to send another invitation my way, I'll happily accept!

Melita said...

kiki is so right, all it takes IS a single cup of tea :)

C said...

I also agree with Kiki and Melita. A cup of tea and all is well in my world!