Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If you hate all things silly and girly and reality TV-y and especially if you hate Rachel Zoe herself, then please ignore this post, and don't write me off as a crap blogger, okay??

If, on the other hand, you adore (or at least find amusing) Rachel Zoe and her fab and highly entertaining show, The Rachel Zoe Project, then please grab a seat. :)

Last night's episode, for lack of better words, pissed. me. off. Normally I could care less about the actual issues that arise (let's be honest, i watch the show for the antics and for the to-die-for fashion), but I couldn't help but get a little emotional last night. And this is why.

For those of you that watched, you saw RZ take the totally lame and passive aggressive route (for the record, i hate passive aggressiveness.) re: deciding which assistant would accompany her to Paris Fashion Week. First, she told Tay and Brad to "figure it out between them," and then she told Tay that because she was senior, she should decide who gets to go. I mean... Taylor has worked with RZ for 3+ years (and is amazing at her job), and Brad has worked for RZ one year. WHY IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION?

Because of ratings, my friends (or at least that's my theory). Because in real life (aka sans cameras), there would be no question as to who would go to Paris because obviously that'd be Taylor. But for the sake of drama and ratings and all this hubbub about Tay hating her job and wanting to leave, they had to stir up some first class drama. Me no likey. This is when "reality" shows go to pot. I understand that most things are beefed up or dramatized to some extent with all reality shows, but I guess I just hoped this one would be different. Silly moi.

This obviously doesn't mean I'm going to stop watching because HELLO, next week's episode actually takes place in Paris, only my most favorite city in the world!! Bonjour beautiful city, bonjour Chanel runway, bonjour RZ and all her couture ensembles! I. Die.

P.S. I promise I'm still smart. Promise.


Lauren said...

It's okay...I watch "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" and "Kendra". And yes, my brain cells die while watching. I think I need to start watching RZP. I caught the last 5 minutes of a repeat episode and was in fashion heaven!

kaileenelise said...

there is a special little place in my heart that holds the tiniest pink tomato ever. i. die. xoxo, kaileenelise

Bonjour Madame said...

This is the only reality series I'm following now. I like it. I thought her decision to put it off on Taylor was lame, but I also thought brad should have stepped up and let Taylor go instead of pouting about being "set up". It's life in the job world and he probably should have known that. However, you are so right that this is all about drama! And I am waiting patiently for next week in Paris!

Melita said...

hmm, haven't seen it yet, but will try to find it on the intertubes somewhere since i am cable-less ;)

Crystal said...

I'm so with you!! I was appalled at how our girl RZ handled that whole situation. I mean, she's said before that she hates confrontation, but please!! The reason you become a boss is to act the part. How is she running her own company if she can't handle letting one of her employees down and actually making a clear-cut, final decision on her own? Hated the way she handled that. Tay-Tay was of course the first candidate (with her 3+ years with RZ), but I felt bad for Brad for feeling "tested". I thought he was going to cry.

CANNOT wait for next week's ep!

P.S. I, like Lauren, will publicly admit that I also watch "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami". :P