Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Award Season!

It's that time again - award season!! Too bad I don't have RZ to find moi the perfect gown... Ok i promise, no more RZ talk until next Monday. ;-)

I've been awarded 2 fun awards by 2 fabulous ladies, and i thought i'd better do this post before the craziness of ACL weekend begins.

First, the Seu blog e magic (your blog is magic) from Jules. What a cute award, no?? I am dying for that little mushroom house - reminds me of old school Nintendo! Merci, Jules. There are no rules as to how many people to pass it to, SO I thought I'd award a new blogger who I am just LOVING. She's been a twitter friend for awhile now, and her words always make moi smile.

Congrats to Kaileen Elise!! Your blog truly IS magic, darling. xoxoxo

Second, the Kreativ blogger award that I received from the gorgeous Crystal (or as I like to call her, Tay Tay). This award does require that I post requisite seven things about myself. The problem with these awards is that y'all already know SO much about me! So I'll try to be "kreativ" here, but forgive moi if you're already bored.

1. I sort of hate Starbucks (for various reasons, some valid, some ridiculous), BUT I still go there because it's: (1) in my building (and everywhere else) and (2) i like to get a grande misto, half soy, half nonfat.

2. I find that most people prefer either tea or coffee, but rarely both. I, on the other hand, ADORE both, but I probably drink coffee on a more regular basis (aka every morning). However, as the weather cools I find myself craving steamy mugs of tea in the afternoon and evening. My fave? La duree melange loose tea + touch of cream. Heaven!

3. I'm on my third Blackberry in less than a year. The first one I dropped whilst running to the car post-ballet (b/c it was FREEZING outside). The second was stolen right before my very eyes (practically). And the third is happily sitting on my desk, begging for some pink bejeweling...

4. I rarely write in black ink, even at work. I much prefer sparkly pinks, purples, blues and greens. (Yes, even at work...)

5. I don't drink diet drinks, and if I do crave soda, I opt for a Mexican coke or Dublin Dr. Pepper. Both are insanely delicious.

6. I don't eat meat either. However, I would probably eat it if I were in Europe (their meat standards are much higher than ours) or if I were eating it at Ma Soeur's (b/c she actually buys a cow off a local farm that she's visited). Then again the killing of animals, as you know, kind of freaks me out in general so who knows...

7. I have free cable (i know, you know), and my fave shows to watch are: Friends, Law & Order CI and SVU, The Rachel Zoe Project, Barefoot Contessa (altho I have yet to actually catch an episode -argh), CSI, Gossip Girl, The City, and Project Runway (altho i'm way behind on this one).

There you go! Oh and I'm passing this award to the following seven bloggers whom I love and adore and cannot get enough of:

1. Kylie Grethen of the ooh la la lifestyle

2. Celia of life according to celia

3. Rachel of and if it's a hero that you want...

4. Stephanie of Bonjour Madame

5. Analise Marie of Tulips and Tea

6. Michele of You and Me and Lucy

7. Lexi of ellecubed


kylie grethen said...

squeee! i have never gotten a blog award before!!! merci ma cherie!!! will post my seven fun facts tres soon. xoxox!

Rachel said...

Awww! You are soooo sweet! And awesome! :) I'll be posting about this soon!!

Lavanya said...

Fun!! I'm not a big fan of starbucks either!
And I'd love a mushroom house too..:)

michele said...

omigoodness! Thanks lady! You are such a sweetheart!! xoxo!

Ellecubed said...

Thank you so much for the award doll! You are so sweet.

I love finding out more about you. I also am a fan of both coffee and tea equally.

Andi said...

Felicitacions !

Crystal said...

I love both coffee and tea too! (Tay Tay, at least this one, approves.) ;)

Sallie Ann said...

I love coffee and tea also. Sipping on vanilla chai now (sort of a cross-over. And, though I haven't had the Mexican Coke I've had several Dublin Dr. Pepper's. I was the art teacher in Bluff Dale (not far from Dublin) and we took a field trip there once. Love reading your musings! Still worried about your drain flies. Ugh!

shannon said...

i've read about your love of mexican coke in previous posts so i've been keeping my eyes open for it. i finally found it at a CVS by my office, so I may just have to buy one and see what the fuss is about! where in the world do you get dublin dr. pepper other than dublin, tx?

Bonjour Madame said...

I got an award! Thanks! I am so thankful for your sweet comment about work you left. I think it's the best advise I got!

kaileenelise said...

Thanks for the award! I am so happy to have connected with you :) xo, kaileenelise