Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Starting to Feel Like Summer

Summer is no longer what it used to be when I was a student (aka just one year ago). There's no summer break, no promise of endless days at the pool, no amazing tan. No, it's basically just like the rest of my year, except way WAY hotter.

But today, it finally started to feel a little like summer. I slept in, took an awesome yoga class (with an awesome teacher!), and then headed to the pool with friends. I laid out, I jumped in the pool, I sipped cocktails, I read magazines, and I had a blast. Afterwards I came home, showered, ate dinner and passed out clean and happy. (Post-swim meals + naps are the BEST, aren't they?) Woke up at 9, got ready, and headed out to a fun tapas/wine place with two fabulous ladies.

This is what summer should feel like.

Oh and speaking of summer, I can't WAIT til 500 Days of Summer opens in Austin!! I know a bunch of peeps went this weekend and loved it. Hooray!

And speaking of movies, I saw Food, Inc. on Friday night and will do a petit review as soon as I'm feeling up to it. In short, I loved it and think everyone should see it. It's well done. It also ignited something in moi that I've never felt before, and it's been difficult and painful. It's not that I didn't already know most of what the film told me, and it's not that it was uber graphic (esp. if you've seen Meet Your Meat or any other PETA-esque video), but it just really... hit me. Anyhoo, will discuss more later!


C said...

What a lovely day Miss Carolyn :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Rachel said...

That day sounds FANTASTIC! :) Good for you! :)

Can't wait to hear your review of Food Inc. BF and I want to see it so badly. But I'm scared I won't eat food ever again!