Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Revisiting June

Wow, July totally snuck up on moi, and based on the tweets and posts i've read, i'm guessing you feel the same! Time to review my June goals... (this is tres depressing, btw)

-Be at office by 8:30 a.m. Tiny bit of success? I did not manage to do this everyday, but definitely more days than i had been doing before!

-Keep up with yoga and add cardio 2-3 times per week Again, a little success, a little fail. I have been doing regular yoga, which has been lovely, but i definitely have not been adding my cardio in. Le sad.

-Finish 2 books i've started. I finished one book... and started about 3 new ones. What is wrong with me??

-Create personal retreat weekend somewhere lovely. Success! I consider my time in my lovely Little Rock hotel to be a divine personal retreat.

-Dust off bike and go for a ride!-Ditto tennis racket. FAIL and FAIL. But in my defense, these 100+ degree days have pretty much stopped me from going outside during the day at all, if i can help it.

-STOP FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF. Success, i think. I've been taking proactive steps to better my life and change my thoughts/reactions so that they are more positive and less self-deprecating.

I'm going to need more time to work on my July goals, but will share asap. How did YOU do on your June goals? Read about Melita's successes here!


Melita said...

honestly, i think you did rather well overall. you got to work on time more than before and stuck with yoga and changed your thoughts to not feel sorry for yourself anymore. (wonder if yoga had anything to do with that? i notice when i do more yoga i feel better about everything (myself, the world, etc.)

congrats on completing the most important goals. btw, there is no way i could ride my bike when it's blazing hot outside either!

thanks for the shout out!

City Girl said...

I agree with Melita - you made some real changes, which is important. Go you!

shannon said...

that's actually a lot of goals for one month, so i'd say you did a great job! congrats!

La Couturier said...

June went by much too fast for me! I did not even have a chance to come up with any goals... haha (:

La C.