Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday

Last week, the fabulous City Girl tagged me in her "6 Things That Make Me Happy" post. Since it's Monday (and Monday's aren't known for being particularly happy), I decided this would be a perfect time to create my list. :)

Sooooo voila 6 things that make me happy today:

1. Woke up this morning and went to the gym! Have not done this in a VERY long time.

2. I'm getting my hair highlighted tonight - yay for no more atrocious roots.

3. I have my 2nd career coaching session with Pink Heels tonight. (woot!)

4. I made this yummy spinach/zucchini/brown rice casserole last night and brought it for lunch today. Yay for saving money!

5. You :)

6. I have a very busy upcoming week, including more Bollywood Bhangra, 2 new book club meetings, and an in-office massage!


julie said...

I'm very proud of your culinary skills! I love making fun food and eating leftovers for a few days. Makes getting other things accomplished a bit easier!

sarah said...

happy monday indeed :) so good to be here.

Rachel said...

Love posts about everyday things that we need to recognize make us very happy :)

City Girl said...

Love your post :) Rachel is so right - it is about finding our happiness in the everyday, isn't it?

StephSchneider said...

It's the little things on a Monday morning - getting up for the gym was hard, but definitely made me happy after :)
Hope you have a great week! And enjoy your hair appt those are my fave.