Thursday, July 2, 2009

Collaging, Celebs, & Rowlett, TX

Bonsoir, mes amies! It's another short week for moi (and most of you, i hope), and i couldn't be more thrilled. Just got back from seeing The Proposal, and it was HILARIOUS. Seriously i almost died laughing at one scene... oh man, you should just go see it. Cute romantic comedy fo sho. ;-) Btw, did i ever tell you guys that i met Tate Donovan? Like, sat down at his table at dinner and chatted with him?? Yeah, it was the night i fell ill avec le strep. He was SUPER nice and even asked me about my job. And all i could think was, "OMG you're Marissa's dad!!"

Before i hit the sack (tres exhausted from this week), i wanted to share some of my recent creative endeavors avec vous. First pic shows the contents of the package sweet M sent me, and the second shows what i made with the goodies! The third shows my 2 collages i told you about (i apologize for the ridiculously crappy pic quality). They are separate collage although you can't really tell from the pic. The first is just a general "what do i want in my life" collage and the second is Paris-specific. Oh i dream of Paris... le sigh.

Ok enough of that. What are you guys doing this weekend? Moi, i'm not really engaging in any firework-y/BBQ-y activity. No, i plan on spending the weekend chillaxing at my parents' crib in good ole Rowlett, TX, having late night chats with my Mom in her uber comfy king-sized bed, eating oodles of delicious and spicy korean food, visiting the SUPERTARJAY mere minutes from my parents' house, and doing LOTS of reading and writing. (Hope to make some progress on Le Book!)

Tomorrow i'm going to hit up Anthropologie for a new journal, go to a heated vinyasa class so i can sweat everything out, and then hit the road with a new book on CD. Happy 4th, everyone!!

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Melita said...

love the collaging that you have done. it looks beautiful. no usual fourth plans for me either. have a great weekend.

michele said...

Hey Carolyn! I love your collages!!
Sounds like you have a nice relaxing 4th of July weekend planned. We're just hanging with friends for a BBQ and watching fireworks. Nice and laid back plans! :)

Enjoy your weekend!!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Love your collages... such a great activity.
Enjoy your 4th of July week-end. I have a week-end of watching Wimbledon planned.... fantastic.

Revisionista said...

fabulous collages!

i didn't know there was even such a thing as SUPERtarjay. I can barely handle the regular one.

Sounds like you have a relaxing weekend planned with le parents. I'm going home to my parents too. Baby sis & I are planning to go see *Public Enemies* or the "Hot Man Movie" (as one of my peeps at school calls it).

What book are you listening to on your drive?

Safe travels!

Bonjour Madame said...

I'm glad to hear the good review on that movie. I want to see it. I have a paris collage too!

City Girl said...

Love the collages :) Have a great weekend :)

Jen said...

Happy Fourth! Husband and little one running road race...a few parties to go to but actually excited about doing very little : )

Vienna Maurel said...

You are so imaginative! I love your collages.
I had planned to go with R (boyfriend) to the nearest beach this Sunday but it seems like we are going to have storms the whole weekend! Awh! The beauty of the British Summer!

Rachel said...

How fun! Sounds like a sweet little weekend. :) What are ya gonna get from Tarjay?? :) Love that place.

julie said...

Ah... Anthropologie. I'm still waiting for the one to open up in FW. If you happen to head over to this side of the Metroplex, lemme know! Oh, and we're actually going to be in Garland on Saturday... :o)

Sarah said...

Mmm...sounds like a great weekend! And no I'm craving some spicy Asian food.

Anonymous said...

i'm here for the giveaway. i'm also here to bounce.