Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me Me Me!

The super sweet Rachel gave me this fun MeMe Blog Award earlier this week - merci, Rachel! The award is, as you might have guessed, all about moi - here are the rules:

1. Share seven tidbits about myself.

2. Share the award with seven blog friends!

Easy enough! Here are 7 tidbits about moi...

1. I was born and raised in Lafayette, LA - that's right, I'm a Cajun gal at heart!

2. I have a ginormous head, seriously. In high school this guy measured the circumference of the heads of everyone in our geometry class, and he told me that mine was the biggest by a lot. I've been paranoid about it ever since. (Oh and one-size-fits-all hats does NOT fit moi.)

3. Korean was my first language, but I'm barely conversational now. (I don't like this at all!)

4. I honestly thought I was going to marry both my exes. Ha. The idea of that now is high-larious. (And slightly terrifying...)

5. My favorite food is corn, and my favorite fruit is summery sweet watermelon (cut up in bite-size pieces and sans seeds).

6. My best friend from law school is a Republican, a tres conservative Republican. I know I know, it freaks me out too, but she's such an incredible bestie that I can't help but love her to pieces anyway! ;-) (Love you, Pony! Tee hee)

7. I snore. Sorry, future husband!

And now, I pass on this award to the following fabulous bloggers:

- espace rose

- macaroni club

- Brunette on a Budget

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- Tulips and Tea

- You and Me and Lucy

P.S. Merci beaucoup for all your comments/advice/tidbits re: my yoga rant. I love you guys!!


sarah said...

ooooh, fun!!!

Rachel said...

Love learning random facts about you!

For the record, I have an unusually small head and hats (or anything else really) don't fit me either.

michele said...

Thanks Carolyn! xoxo!

Crystal said...

Aw, thanks! This made my day. :)

shannon said...

OMG! Thanks for the award! You made my day!!!!!!!!