Friday, November 30, 2007

Bonjour, Paris!

Gotta make this quick as it's already 12 p.m., and i'm still in bed eating oatmeal and willing myself to get dressed. Arrived in Paris early yesterday, found my way to my darling apartment (really cute inside, but in a terribly touristy area - will not make this mistake again), and was soon out the door to enjoy my favorite city in the world. First stop was Chez Hanna for the best falafel i've ever had, then down to St. Germain to visit the incredible woman behind La Cerise Sur Le Chapeau for my own custom-made hat. Visited a lovely paper store, L'Art du Papier, picked up my hat, stopped by Monoprix for some water, cheese, and chocolate, and then finally made my way back home. Was quickly on my way back out when i realized i needed a baguette. It's hard to find a charming boulangerie in such a tourist-heavy area, but luckily i was able to find one still open, and bustling with the French, pas Americaines. Picked up a baguette (and eclair!), then stumbled across a lovely bookstore where i purchased a copy of Marie Claire pour la Maison (can't get enough of French interiors) and DARLING Hello Kitty children's books in FRENCH! Tooo cute, one's called Une Surprise Pour Maman. Love love LOVE French children's books. Came home, soaked in a very hot bath, ate my baguette and cheese and eclair, and then passed out. After sleeping a glorious 12 hours i'm ready to take on a new day. I think Versailles is on the menu, although who knows what adventures this magical city will bring aujourd'hui...

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