Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mrs. Matt Hales...?

I don't understand people who aren't into music. I mean... did God not give us ears so that we could hear the sweet, sweet sounds of artists comme Monsieur Matt Hales? Last night i had the pleasure of attending the Aqualung concert at Kings College. Small venue, relatively inexpensive bar, and one incredible performance after another. I've been a fan of Aqualung for a couple of years now, but last night really blew me away. And despite the annoying and what i think to be inconsiderate 6'+ guy standing smack in the middle of the crowd, I couldn't keep my eyes off of Matt as he worked his magic on that keyboard and into that microphone. Favorites from last night included: Glimmer, Another Little Hole, Something to Believe In, Breaking My Heart, Strange & Beautiful, Garden of Love... i mean, it was ALL good. If you appreciate good music at all, go forth and download immediately.

On a slightly sadder note, it turns out Mr. Hales has been happily married for more than 10 years and has a child... just my luck.

On the saddest note ever, Mr. Hales informed us that about 2 months ago, his record label dropped Aqualung. WHAT?? I don't understand. I did a little online research and turns out, Columbia Records (yes the AMERICAN label) were the ones behind Memory Man, Aqualung's third album. Go figure it'd be the stupid Americans to drop such precious talent...

Ok i'm done being anti-American. ;-) In short, i heart Aqualung and Matt Hales and hope that it won't be too long before i hear him live again.

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