Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ups and Downs and...Ups?

I'm hesitant to say for sure, but i think my stomach has taken a turn for the better. As for my cold and fever, i'm not sure. My head still feels like it's trapped in a fishbowl, my ears still won't stop popping, and after 20 hours of sleep, you'd think my body would feel well-rested... Nonetheless i am grateful that whatever nasty stomach bug i had has left me alone. I was finally able to eat today, although i was still bedridden for most of it. In an effort to amuse myself, i watched Becoming Jane and, to my surprise, enjoyed it immensely. Suddenly in the mood for period pieces, i hunted and scoured the internet and iTunes for Little Women and Elizabeth, but alas, had to settle for a second viewing of Becoming Jane... I'm really quite disappointed with iTunes' selection of movies. In another effort to cheer myself up, i found and purchased Amy Grant's 1992 Christmas album. I LOVE this album. I played it nonstop when I got it for Christmas (duh) back then, when i was just nine years old. It's playing now, my roomies are all asleep or avec their boyfriends, and i'm still in my uber-comfy, very well-slept-in pink twin bed. Sigh. At least I've got the American December issues of Allure and Glamour to keep me company (thank G for roomie's visiting boyfriend!).

Am wanting very much to spend tomorrow at the V&A and then at Laduree... Sigh. *fingers crossed*

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