Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Night in India

Had sooo much fun on my girl date tonight!! Finally saw a Bollywood movie at a cinema here, the beautiful, insanely aesthetically pleasing Saawariya. Despite the absence of Ashwarya Rai, it was quite a delight. Afterwards, we headed to the famous Brick Lane for some truly delicious Indian food. Yum! It's one of the best and most inexpensive meals i've had in London. I'll definitely be going back! And there are plenty more Bollywood films to see... ;-)

My fun quickly died once i got home and realized that my dry mouth/throat was turning into a sore throat. Then came the sniffly nose, body aches, and slight fever... And here i am, sipping Theraflu, crying to Mommy, and hoping this passes soon.

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