Sunday, November 18, 2007

Night Owl

I'm having one of those nights... those nights that you just don't want to go to sleep! First off, i'm not sleepy. After my 20-hour slumber marathon the other day, i slept from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (yup, you read that correctly) this morning and then got up refreshed and ready to start my day. Took a much-needed hot shower, actually put some makeup on, and ventured out into the gloomy cold to hit up the Victoria & Albert museum. Oh i'd almost forgotten how much i adore museums! Esp. this one - specializes in art and design, yummy! Bought my ticket for the Golden Age of Couture exhibition and then decided to kill some time in the incredible museum shop. Goodies galore!! Got prezzies for Mom, Sister, and Pony (and ok yes, maybe a lil sumthin' pour moi) and discovered, on my way to the exhibit, ANOTHER SHOP! This one specialized in the Museum's featured exhibitions - HELLO COUTURE! Even more goodies got popped in the sack, and then finally i was on my way to the main event. Only downside to the experience was that it was so PACKED. I guess rainy day + Sunday + gorgeous vintage Dior make for a good combination. Needless to say, i loved it and can't wait to return to the V&A to explore the rest of the (FREE!) collections.

By 5:30 p.m., London is pitch black, so after exiting, i dashed down the street to the Laduree in Harrod's in an effort to cross off at least 2 of my "To Do's." Sadly i would not be seated, as the line was literally out the door, but i did manage to purchase some macaroons and a darling little notebook. Every little detail inside the patisserie and even in their wrapping and presentation of the treats is incredible. Gotta LOVE the French for that! It screams French royalty, and it's like i have my own little personal Versailles... mmm love it. Can't wait to go back and indulge in a cup of chocolat chaud and sink into the plush red velvet chairs... Geez there are SO many more things i need to do in this city! Sadly the weather is NOT behaving, and the 10-day forecast says rain rain and more rain. Bleh.

In good news, my stomach has fully recovered, and my head cold appears to be on its way out as well. Yay! Food in my belly makes me sooo happy. In even better news, i'm thrilled to report that i made my first...blogger introduction?? Hmm how to explain.. basically, i virtually introduced the fabulous Kimberly Wilson (of to the awesome Claudia (of, and now it seems that KW will be doing a podcast with Claud! This is why i love love the blogging world. I've been lucky enough to meet and actually spend face-to-face time with these two incredible women. I mean... who am i? A 24-year old law student who still cries for her Mommy when she's sick. But at least i've got some kickass chicks on my side.

2:33 a.m. and not a single yawn. OK. Gonna listen to some HTC podcasts, tidy up a bit, journal, and mayyybe try to sleep. xoxo, darlings

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