Wednesday, February 4, 2009


On Monday i bought a small bunch of daffodils from Whole Foods (only $6.99, which is fairly cheap for Whole Foods). They looked like green stalks when I got them, but just 2 days later, and they are in full bloom! I literally watched them open yesterday. Fresh flowers brighten ANY space, and i hope to continue getting them on a weekly basis for my otherwise drab and dreary office.


K.Imaginelli said...

daffodils, tea, cupcakes&cashmere~~can't wait to get home this afternoon so i can read more. this was just what i needed this morning as this week as left me feeling v. stressed & frustrated. i'll have to gather some stuff for afternoon tea in the office too!

Melita said...

I love fresh flowers at home or the office. It does really brighten your day. And afternoon tea feels like such a luxury.