Sunday, February 8, 2009

(Don't) Express Yourself

Um, is it just me, or has Express gone completely to sh*t? I was never a huge fan of the store; i thought it was overpriced, overrated, and on EVERY SINGLE GIRL in my high school/college. But there have been times when there's been a particularly fabulous jacket, or some great little shorts on which to splurge. Well i hadn't been inside the store in probably over a year when i stopped by today just to see what's new. YUCK! I was attacked by candy-colored polyester/nylon blends, unattractive leggings in every color, and some really cheap but not chic handbags. Even their jewelry, which in the past has been fairly cute, if not ridiculously overpriced, was hideous. What.. happened? Maybe it's targeting a new demographic and looks cheap because it IS cheap. Um $49.50 for a very, very mediocre cotton top? No, thank you. The shocking (and sad) thing was, i was just in Forever 21 and surprised at some of the treasures i found. To walk into Express, a store theoretically geared towards older, working women, and see all this gaudy apparel was beyond disappointing. (P.S. I think other women agree because that place was EMPTY, yo.)

On another note, i'm currently working/watching the Grammys/babysitting/blogging/downloading music. (My sister says i'm the only 25-year old attorney/babysitter she knows. It's so true...) I'm pretty exhausted, even though it's not even 9 p.m., and just as incredulous as ever that it's already Sunday night. Luckily i have oodles of fun events planned this week to get me through it. Alamo Drafthouse is having a "Girlie Night" avec a showing of Bridget Jones Diary and "girlie drinks" that I'll be attending Tuesday night with a dear "girl"friend. Thursday evening i'm meeting up with an old college friend who has since gone to law school at U-Penn and is currently working in D.C. - always a treat! Friday i'm driving to Dallas (first long drive in my new ride!) because my sister and bro-in-law are coming down from Cali for a visit. It'll be nice to see them, engorge myself on Momma Park's excellent Korean cooking, and do some Dallas shopping (with what money? i've no idea...). Even MORE EXCITING is the news i received the other day that my sister/bro-in-law are coming to AUSTIN in March for SXSW!!! Holllaaaa!!

Am watching a rather uninspiring rap performance by... i don't even know who this is. The only performance i've actually enjoyed was the duo performance by Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus (actually REALLY sweet). Katy Perry was some serious weak sauce (how that woman was nominated for a Grammy, i've no idea), and Kanye/Estelle sounded great but looked blah. Grammy's, what's wrong with you? The days of exciting award shows have long gone, i suppose.

OK must do some more work/research so i don't walk into work completely empty-handed tomorrow morning. Bonsoir!


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