Saturday, February 21, 2009

Closet Makeover

Bonjour, dear friends! It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Austin, which makes running errands around town 100x more pleasant. I've had a GREAT day as I managed to hit up Buffalo Exchange (consignment type store), and lucky for me, the line wasn't very long. I've never really shopped there (i sort of have issues with wearing clothes other people have worn before... weird i know and really bad for vintage purposes), but this time i was feeling adventurous. And holy moly, i totally scored!! I got:

1. Trina Turk skirt for $15! I'm getting it hemmed so it's shorter (but still work appropriate), but i LOVE it. It's got beautiful watercolor florals that are very in for this Spring.

2. Fun pink silk skirt - good for dinners out! Only $13!!

3. Ikat-inspired purple skirt that's very appropo for work - only $9!

4. Jeffrey Campbell peep-toe lace up heels for only $25! They are BRAND NEW, too. By far, my favorite purchase.

5. Blue/silver western style belt (hard to describe). Most of my friends will say it's ugly, but I will pair it with the most perfect outfit. :-) $10

All in all, because I sold some clothes I actually ended up getting $40 even after all my purchases. GREAT shopping day.

I'm excited to add all these new purchases to my closet b/c last night, i did a complete closet overhaul makeover without spending a SINGLE dime (see pics below). Just reorganized my shoes, slapped up some cheap IKEA black/white striped wrapping paper on the walls, and added some fun pieces like my mirrored side table. Also created a fashion inspiration board with a corkboard (already had) that i wrapped with IKEA fabric i bought forever ago. I love the result!! The scarves are tied along the closet bars b/c i haven't figured out a good storage solution for them yet... Ideas?


City Girl said...

Your closet looks fantastic. I share mine with my husband (one walk-in closet for both of us) so there's like no extra space for a corkboard etc - though now I am thinking I will put one up near my vanity. I am totally inspired. For scarves I like those over the door things that have pockets for shoes - I dont put shoes in them, but I use them to store scarves and gloves and umbrellas etc

K.Imaginelli said...

your closet looks like a chic boutique! I especially like the framed couture print next to the eiffel tower.

Carolyn said...

Thank you, dears!! The eiffel tour was something i found at Hobby Lobby and spray painted silver (originally black), and the print is from a Victoria & Albert exhibit in London! And Valerie - you're genius. I put my scarves in my over-the-door shoe pockets, and it def. helps!!

Lynne from NY said...
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