Friday, February 20, 2009


For a number of reasons, I opted to move from my spacious, temperature-controlled office to a much smaller, thermostat-free office. Today is my first day in my office 2.0, and although it's smaller and there's a weird blue streak on the wall (i've already requested that maintenance do some painting), i think i'll be much happier here. First off, there's no desk directly outside my door (thus there will be no conversations had in my doorway) and second, it's just a more positive environment on this side of the floor. I'm more determined than ever to make it homey. First? Lamps for SURE. Second? Curtains.. maybe some subtle sheers just to soften the place up a bit. And then eventually I need a new storage system (IKEA?) b/c this hideous metal filing cabinet is not working for me. And new chairs, but those will take some time as most chairs are quite $$$. Anyway, the small sacrifices i have to make by moving to this new location are completely worth it. I love the people who now sit outside and around my office. :-) Plus a smaller space is cozier, n'est-ce pas?

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