Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm on a tight budget these days (increased monthly costs, trip to NYC in March, general overall fear of the crumbling economy), but every now and then something spectacular comes along that proves itself quite the exception. For moi, that something is the new Orla Kiely collection @ Tarjay. Since i can't afford normal Orla Kiely stuff, i've been drooling over this affordable collection since i spotted it on various design blogs in early January. It was rumored to arrive in stores Feb. 1, but of course got delayed. Last night i made an impromptu trip to Tarjay (NEVER a good idea) and lo and behold, what did i find? Orla Kiely!! They didn't have everything, but they had a good selection of her storage products (shown below) that i scooped up for my office. I figure it's a good pick because it's (1) cute, (2) not pink cute and therefore a tad more acceptable, and (3) matches the sort of hideous brown furniture i've no choice but to use. Once i get it all set up, i'll post some pics of my newly not-so-hideous workspace.

(photo courtesy of www.decor8blog.com)

I also found a few kitchen/houseware products, but a good chunk was sold out. I did score some cute cork placemats, coasters, and a darling apron. What i REALLY wanted, though, they did not have in store - these oh-so-cute mugs! Since coffee and tea play such an integral part of my daily routine, I figure Orla mugs are a responsible purchase. (Shhhh...) I hopped on Target.com and found them, along with this fabulously retro two-tier tray and flowery, versatile serving tray. Apparently they won't be shipping until mid-March, but that's okay. Patience is a virtue, right?

God bless Tarjay!

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