Friday, February 27, 2009

Mean Reds

It's one of those days... i've a bad case of the mean reds. (I never understood why Holly Golightly ever got the mean reds b/c if i looked that good, i'd be the happiest person alive!) It all started with a harmless conversation i had last night with a dear friend Re: our bodies and how they've changed since college (we were suitemates freshman year of college). Inevitably that led to even more depressing conversation about my body and my weight and before i knew it i was on my laptop frantically searching for old pictures of myself at the ages of 18-21 which was TRES devastating. Needless to say, i'm having a total fat/ugly/badhair and all that kind of day and listening to a rather dull lecture on TX Oil and Gas law. Ugh AND the YSL sample sale on Rue La La just started, and naturally, i want everything and can afford nothing. I know. Boo freaking hoo, get over it you huge baby, you.

Um, on a brighter note, it is Friday and the start of what needs to be a very productive weekend. The TO DO LIST includes: going to my first spin class tomorrow morning, seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic for the fourth (AND FINAL) time (i really wasn't planning on going again but a friend of mine has yet to see it and she asked, so i must obey), running all my errands since i won't be around next weekend, taking Lola to the groomers (she's a bit... rough these days), and planning/packing for NYC.

Holy crap, i just refreshed my browser and all my wanted items from the YSL sale are already sold out. In a matter of minutes! Geez i wish i had an extra $1k to throw away on a handbag...

ANYWAY, if you're in the mood for a fun blog, check out Garance Dore. She's an absolutely adorable Parisian photographer with an eye for style and a very unique way with words. I particularly enjoy today's entry. :-)


Melita said...

sorry to hear about your day. i think we all have the mean reds from time to time (at least i know i do). i understand exactly what you mean in comparing the body of today to the body of yesterday. in my case it is tres sad as well. i am doing more yoga and taking up running (slowly of course) and being better at watching what i eat. (feels bad as she types this since she just ate a piece of ice cream cake for the second day in a row but justifies it b/c it was her friends b-day yesterday) hope you have a good weekend.

Carolyn said...

Melita - Ice cream cake is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!