Saturday, February 28, 2009

Temper Tantrums

Good morning, mes amies! I am thrilled to be up at this hour and not wanting to die. After all, aren't Saturday mornings meant for sleeping in? Hmm maybe that's Sunday mornings... In any case, i was up before my alarm even went off, and I feel pretty well rested. I hate to say it but i've kept the TV off in my bedroom for the past week, and i think it has really helped me pass out as soon as I hit the sheets. Anyway, coffee's brewing, oatmeal is um.. rising? thickening?, and i'm about to change into my workout gear. Have to drop Lola at the groomer's and then meet up with dear Deb for my very first spin class. Hope i don't die!

One of my life resolutions is to always be a nicer person, kill them with kindness type thing, you know? The Park women are notorious for having violent tempers, and despite the fact that mine's definitely not as bad as my mother's and sister's, it's still on a rather short fuse. Yesterday post CLE (continuing legal education or something like that), i visited Fetish, a darling boutique in Austin i've only frequented once as once was enough to show me that i couldn't afford a darn thing in there. We're talking straight off the pages of Elle magazine. Well i heard they were going out of business and were therefore having major sales so i decided to stop by while in the neighborhood. Turns out i walked in on their VERY LAST DAY, and ALL items were 85% OFF. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I DIE." Excitedly i began trying on a number of different shoes (Pour la Victoire, DVF, Charles David..) and as i asked questions, etc. i couldn't help but notice the unforgivably rude salesperson. He was probably mid-thirties, gay, and wearing pair of black lace-up platform booties. These type of men usually adore me! But no. He gave me serious attitude, was condescending, and made it very clear that he was not interested in "waiting" on me. Ok... i wasn't going to let this guy ruin my 85% off DVF heels mood. So i tolerated it, EVEN when he gave me serious attitude when i asked why they were closing. UGH. I'm a LAWYER you piece of crap! Just because i'm dressed like a student today doesn't mean you can treat me like some silly sorority girl. It's the only time i've wanted to pull out the lawyer card. Ugh. Still i persevered, paid for my ridiculously cheap designer shoes, and walked out. Well apparently that little episode must've stayed with me because later that night i met J at the mall for our movie date and popped into Nordstrom to ask for some free heel grips. The salesperson (another guy, definitely not gay) gave me a weird look and just the tiniest bit of 'tude when i described them. Apparently i was wrong and they only had ONE kind and had ever only had ONE kind. Really, then why the hell did the last person give TWO DIFFERENT KINDS and WHY ARE YOU ARGUING WITH ME FOR NO REASON JUST GO GET THE DAMN HEEL GRIPS?!?!!?!?! Sigh. When he walked back to finally get them, J looked at me and laughed and i couldn't help but make a rather b*tchy remark that may have included a bad word that i ONLY use on occasions in which i'm really ticked. Um well immediately after the entire transaction took place and as we were walking away, we saw a salesgirl who had been nearby start talking about me to the aforementioned sales guy and well, i know what they were saying/thinking. And i agree, it wasn't my finest moment. But i was so sick of salespeople giving me attitude for NO REASON. If i give it to you first, then i understand completely, but when i'm being perfectly nice and you start it, well, it's harder for me to take the nice road.

Still... i know salespoeple, like anyone else, have bad days, and i really shouldn't let it get to me. I immediately regretted being rude to the Nordstrom guy, and God knows i hate being called a b*tch behind my back, but i just have to let it go and hope that in the future, i can control my temper. So here's to being a better person. :-)

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