Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Not sure why, but when i got to work this morning, i found myself practically skipping up and down the hall and smiling to myself. There's no reason for my buoyant spirits, but hey, i'll take it! Maybe it's because I'm sporting my new Thakoon for Target top (that i just discovered is 50% off online, which means i may be doing some exchanging..), cinched with a great purple belt i got on clearance at Nine West, my black wedges (one heel is slightly chewed... darn Lola!, and NO TIGHTS! It's supposed to get up to the 70's today so i took the time to actually shave my legs this morning so i could go bare-legged. As much as i love tights, it's so nice to not have that extra step every i go to the bathroom. Ladies, you understand, right?

Last night i made my tomato/mozzarella/basil pesto on sourdough panini, and it was FANTASTIC! I don't have a panini maker or even a grill pan so it didn't have the signature panini lines, but that's okay. Instead i made it in a simple skillet by placing a sheet of aluminum foil, plate, and heavy teapot on top so it'd get nice and pressed. Just flip, repeat, and voila! I wish i had pics but i was way too hungry. (Confession: The panini was so good that i had 1 1/2 of them!)

Now i'm just killing time before a meeting with my partner at 10:15 and have been perusing my usual blogs. Still loving Cupcakes and Cashmere and just discovered this fabulous French blog - Garance Dore. One of these days i'll spend the dough and get Rosetta Stone so i can truly become conversationally (is that a word?) fluent...

Speaking of French, if you happen to venture into your local Starbucks and spy a fabulous CD entitled "Paris Magnifique", then pick it up!! It's a darling compilation of fun French music. I bought one of their other compilations - Rendezvous a Paris - several years ago and love it to this day. The CD's are Starbucks exclusives so you can't find it online, and the singles themselves are difficult to find. Anyway, if you love French music then i highly suggest you get this for yourself! Consider it an early V-day present. ;-)

Hope your day is as cheery as mine!

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