Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot Pink (and my terrible taste in tv shows)

Soo... i'm kind of obsessed with The City, and i'm kind of totally embarassed about it. As someone who never got super into The Hills or Laguna Beach, i pride myself on being able to resist the siren song of these MTV reality (aka FAKE) shows. I think Heidi Montag is an even more worthless human being than Jessica Simpson (that's saying a lot, for me), and i have no strong feelings about Lauren Conrad either way, but she's kind of a bore. The City, however, appeals to me in so many more ways for a variety of reasons.

1. it's based in NYC which really is eye candy deluxe, no? I've never been a huge fan of L.A. (not that i've spent a ton of time there, i must confess), and it's never once held the appeal of NYC.

2. Whitney Port is adorable. She's sweet and seems down to earth (as much as an MTV "reality" star can be, i suppose). And is it just moi or did she get way prettier? Girl's got legs for days, and a tall slim physique that looks fantastic in her short dresses and billowy tops.

3. The cast on The City is SO much better than on The Hills. Take Jay, Whitney's boyfriend. He's a gorgeous Australian singer/songwriter who doesn't come off as a total douchebag. (His roommate Adam on the other hand... complete TOOL.)

And then there's Whitney's bff Erin, who is totally adorable. Love her bangs, her funky style, her undeniably pretty face, love it all.

Olivia, the self-proclaimed "social", is a complete upper east side bitch. Naturally, i enjoy her character as she reminds me of Blair Waldorf a la Gossip Girl.

Then there's Allie the model (and aforementioned Tool's girlfriend who is SO stupid to believe that he didn't cheat on her in that one episode). I liked her for the first few episodes, but after the whole "you're so skinny/are you okay" episode and the "hey let's kick Jay out of his own apartment" fiasco, i sort of hate her and think she and the Tool deserve each other. No wonder models stick together...

4. The fashion. Is. Sick. Honestly it's the main reason I wanted to watch the show in the first place. And speaking of... whilst indulging my obsession, i came across these fab pics of the girls and almost died when i saw Erin's hot pink platform booties!! I can't find them anywhere online, and the Louboutin version is already sold out (not to mention $800+ but isn't the name "c'est moi" SO appropo?).

Anyway, you can't deny that these girls are mesmerizing and even though i'm fairly certain i get a little dumber with each episode, i promise to make up for it by spending more time with my good friends NPR and The New York Times. Maybe even a little Proust.

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