Saturday, February 7, 2009

Le Weekend

Bonjour, mes amies. It's a cloudy, breezy and warm day here in Austin... i'm currently sitting in a local coffee shop, enjoying 2 breakfast tacos (an Austin delicacy for sure) and coffee (all for just a little over $3!) and catching up on my blogs. I got oodles of sleep last night and would've slept longer had my darling Lola bear not been so anxious to get up and at em. Today's plans include getting a much-needed bang trim (yes, that means a trim for my bangs - tres important, if you ask me), going to my first book club gathering (will report on this later for sure), and hopefully meeting up with some girlfriends for some (window) shopping.

Normally I reserve my Friday nights for some serious R&R, as i'm typically exhausted from the workweek. Last night, however, I dined with a dear friend at Aquarelle, a fancy French restaurant in downtown Austin. I was given a gift certificate to the restaurant for Christmas, and i've been eager to do some upscale dining. So i donned my new feather headband and Tarjay heels for a delightful feast that hopefully wouldn't break the bank. Boy, was i wrong... First off, the food was OK. J and i decided that Aquarelle does some things really really well (appetizers, sauces) and some things really poorly (simple side dishes like polenta and a potato galette left much to be desired). And the desserts? Tres disappointing. Their ice cream was too "icy", and their chocolate souffle was mediocre at best. And the bill? Definitely broke the bank. I almost died when i saw the total, even after my gift certificate. Suffice to say that i won't be doing any upscale dining for quite some time... (at least not on my dime!) Luckily, the conversation was exceptional, and i had a lovely time despite my disappointment in the cuisine. ;-)


City Girl said...

Happy weekend! I so hear you about how disappointing a swanky restaurant can be - i have had a couple experiences like that - but like you said, some things were good, and the conversation was great :) DH and I went out last night for our bonus dinner (we have a rule that bonuses got into savings except for $ for a nice dinner) and it was expensive, but miraculously perfect. I am still in shock, because I full expected a letdown.

K.Imaginelli said...

thanks for your sweet message! things are feeling a little better

what book did you read with your book club?