Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Friday Musings

First - The lovely Revisionista taught me how to do the strike-out thing. Fun, huh?? I've always wanted to know. ;-) Anyway the reason this post is entitled "Friday Musings" is because this is Friday to moi as far as work is concerned!! I'm off to Little Rock, AR (exciting, i know) tomorrow for what's bound to be a super fun wedding weekend. It's the closest thing i'll have to a vacay in a long time...

Second - I actually have work today - hooray! For this reason (and b/c i'm out tomorrow and need 2 leave early today to pick up my dress 4 aforementioned wedding from the alteration place) i am "working" through lunch and slurped a bowl of instant korean ramen noodles to satiate my neverending hunger. I have the, um, broth splotches all over my skirt to prove it. Oops...

Third - I love fabulous gals who rock sexy one-pieces avec tremendous style. I'm constantly bombarded by pics of women in bikinis, friends in bikinis, celebs in bikinis... Enough with all the skin! Naomi rocks her suits in a sexy, chic way that i hope i can one day adopt.

Fourth - Bienvenue to those of you who are new to Hang On Little Tomato!! J'adore having you here.

Fifth - I'm thinking i need a food processor, a big one. I have one of those cute mini cuisinart's, but it (obviously) has limited capacity. Can you recommend a nice big one that doesn't cost a fortune? I really want to make things like PESTO!

Sixth - Merci for your lovely comments & tweets re: my decisions. :)

Seventh - I had a million things to do when i got home last night. Instead i opened up my fun snail mail package from this sweet gal and immediately began crafting it UP. First i did a couple pages in my journal with my new goodies. Then i busted out some scrapbook paper and made two collages. They're pretty good, if i say so myself, and i will be sure to post some pics later. Someone at the HTC Retreat i attended in NY back in 2008 jokingly told me i should start collaging classes. I wish i could! How fun would that be? Would you come??

Here's a tip - collaging is way more fun if you have beaucoup glitter glue, don fun knee-socks or sparkly tees, and SURROUND yourself with inspirational goodies. Voila moi at Kimberly's Costa Rica Retreat in September 2007. I'm *SO* in my element...

Eighth - I too LOVE gift giving. Read all about Kimberly Wilson's enthusiasm for it here.

Ninth - If i sent you an Artist Date package and you haven't already, pleeease email me pics of what you create! I am constantly inspired by all of you and am hungry for more.

Tenth - C'est tout. Love y'all!!

Eleventh - I lied!! For those of you who have Netflix, did you know you can instantly watch episode after episode, season after season of Law & Order (reg, CI and SVU)?? Yeah. Blame my total lack of sleep and inability to get out of the apt in the mornings on that fantastic feature!!


MGS Photography said...

I too love the onepiece, tres chic and comfortable! No tugging or pulling or readjusting!

You should post the pics of the artist date! It turned very lovely!

Ps, did the cd work? I forgot to check before I mailed it...

City Girl said...

oooh, would love to know the strikethrough title trick :)

Love your list - as for the pesto - I use a 3cup "food processor" that's part of the Cuisinart Duet (it's this one: but ironically 3 cups is the size of their miniprep too.

Anyways, I bought the duet 7+ years ago when it had rave reviews (it doesn't so much now)- I am waiting for it to eventually give out on me, which it probably won't ever do. It's been a great purchase and I use the sucker a LOT - in fact, I am kind of amazed at how long it's lasted. I used to tell people to buy it all the time, until I realized that the later versions are apparently not so sturdy.

Husband knows, however, that when the Duet gives up the ghost I am getting a fancy Cuisinart food processor AND the vitamix to replace the blender part. LOL.

So basically, I am zero help OTHER than to say you can make pesto in a mini prep as long as it is 2-3 cups in size :)

AnalieseMarie said...

Yay, I love one-piece bathing suits. I have a simple black scoop-neck halter-style one piece that I always get tons of compliments on. Tres Audrey Hepburn! :-)

Sarah said...

Loved your list. I agree so much with you on the one-piece swim apparel. Naomi rocked them! I'm a one-piece girl myself. Well, I actually just bought a tankini, but it covers all. I say bring back the one-piece swimsuit fashionistas!

I also LOVED your artist date package. Plan to blog about my first creation, which I started on immediately!

Revisionista said...

love that swimsuit (adding that to my shopping wishlist) & love your list!

Have a fab time at the wedding.

I bet you could find a bunch of people interested in a collaging group in austin.

amanda said...

i love gift giving, crafting, netflixing, and fabulous one-pieces too! I just got a retro-esque pola dotted number with ruffles! yay! have a good weekend!!

KINHA said...

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Jen said...

I miss you! Wish you lived closer : ) i am off to read revisionista.... Hope the wedding was fun

Kiki said...

If you ran collaging classes, I would definitely come! Love that you are sending out snail mail Artist Date packages - is that something you do on your own, or through a site? I'd love to get involved in that project!