Sunday, August 2, 2009

August Goals

Can you believe it's August?? I cannot, but I'm thrilled that Autumn is getting nearer, as it's my favorite season. August also holds a tres special place in my heart because it's my birthday month. :) And unlike most women, I don't mind getting older (although - ask me again when I'm 29). So, before I leap into my August goals, let's revisit July, shall we?


1. Create a morning ritual - Not quite, but I'm working on it!
2. Weekly artist dates - Oui!
3. Add more to journal besides words (aka collage, drawings, whatev!) - Oui and it was SO fun. Hop on over to SWIM to check out some of my journal collages.
4. Finish 2 books (already finished one this morning!) - Oui! In fact, I think I finished 3 including the giant World Without End (which I highly recommend).
5. Lose 4 lbs (um.... help?) - Ha FAIL, but it's a miracle I didn't gain 4. ;-)
6. Give running another shot - Yes! Well I just started a week and a half ago, but that's something, right?
7. Weekly yoga - Yes and oh my gosh, it makes a world of difference in the way I feel both physically and emotionally.
8. Make progress on Le Book - A little bit, yes. :)
9. One hour of Rosetta Stone per week - FAIL. I did one lesson... but that was awhile back. Need to restart this!
10. Be a little more content with life (b/c having 9 goals just doesn't seem right)
- Check! (Thanks in large part to Pink Heels & Dr. G.)

Wow I did pretty well in July, surprisingly. Yay! Now onto August...


*Stick to cash-only envelope system

*No clothing purchases

*Bring lunch to work 2X/week

*C25k 2X/week (Couch to 5k running program)

*Bed by 11 p.m. and other Abundant AM's steps (micromovements to a morning ritual)

*Complete 2 lessons of Rosetta Stone French

*Ignore inner critic and squash judgmental voice (more on this later)

*Embrace 26 (Happy Birthday to moi on August 11!)

My darlings, what are your goals for August?


Sarah said...

I love the goals! Can you tell me more about the coach to 5k program? Any fun plans for the bday?

Melita said...

congrats on a job well done with your july goals. yours went a lot better than mine and i only had two haha!!

i love your august goals. i think you will do rather well with them, you kick ass my friend!! :D

Rachel said...

I like these August goals. I especially love the cash envelope system and the no clothes purchases! Happy early birthday, lady! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Carolyn! Thanks for inspiring me to create my list of goals for the month.

Vienna said...

Autumn is my favourite season too. There is something extremely cosy about it. Congratulations on achieving your July goals. You've done so well! Your August ones seem really exciting. I look forward to reading your blog whenever I find an Internet opportunity during my holidays in Spain and Greece! Any birthday plans?

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Your goals look great for August. Saw your tweet about bringing lunch into work - some-thing that I always struggle with as I get bored of eating the same thing every-day. Hope that you will share some ideas. Happy early birthday to you....