Sunday, August 16, 2009

Late Night Musings

Is it really already Sunday night? I guess I can't complain too much seeing as how my weekend was delightfully chill and sans any set-in-stone plans (aside from my Spa time, but that doesn't count!). It's amazing how much I crave open space in my planner. I used to be such a social butterfly, and yes, I often love looking into my planner pad and seeing oodles of appointments/lunch dates/evenings out. But as soon as I start to feel overwhelmed (and yes, I've been feeling un peu overwhelmed these days), I want nothing more than to cancel everything and hole myself up in my petit pink paradise. Why is that?

Also, I'm having a tres difficult time balancing work-play now that work has gotten busy. :( I've made the executive decision to forego both book clubs this month, seeing as how they both meet this week, and I'm nowhere near finishing either book. On top of that, I have oodles of work to do in the evenings, and I really don't want to neglect yoga + running as both make me feel *so* good in my body. So, au revoir book clubs for now. Perhaps I can rejoin next month.

The good news is that I still made time today to have breakfast at my fave coffeeshop (banana filled pancakes, bfast taco & iced coffee), take a 2 hour nap, spend time avec my planner pad, create a weekly menu, go grocery shopping, whip up another homemade spinach/goat cheese/tomato pizza, work for a few hours AND fit in my C25K run. Wow, this weekend I went to a (killer) yoga class, got a deep tissue massage and ran?? I wish all weekends could be that way!

But now it's Sunday night, and oh my, this week is going to be jam packed. Fingers crossed for sanity! Oh and before I forget, voila my weekly menu (only suppers):

Monday - leftover pizza
Tuesday - asparagus & leek risotto (yum! haven't made risotto in ages and i looove it)
Wednesday - korean ramen & my mom's delish kimchi
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Clay Pit takeout (been craving Indian food, and I've decided that Friday nights are my stay-in personal nights)
Saturday - dinner out avec bonne amie
Sunday - dinner w/ Momma Park b/c she's coming for WICKED! yayyyy

Okay i should really go 2 bed since it's wayyy past my 11 p.m. bedtime. ;-)

P.S. CONGRATS to Melita who won 2 tickets to The Cove! Melita - email me, and we can figure out the details. ;-)


Kirsten said...

You are going to LOVE Wicked. It's one of my favorite musicals - I can't wait til it comes to LA again!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Getting that balance can be so difficult. My life seems to be all or nothing too (when I am mega busy I crave down-time, when my diary is quieter I moan that I need to be doing more - am I ever satisfied?!).

Your week-end sounds perfect and bananna pancakes - so yummy!

What is the "c" for in C25K run? Sorry - not heard that term before.

C said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend..and open spaces in your planner are just as wonderful :-)Enjoy a happy week

Kiki said...

Oh, balance...why is it so hard to find?

Nice work on realizing that you're overstretched, and on choosing the things that you DO want to keep up even as you're busier and busier. Hooray for yoga and running!

'Wicked' is going to energize you more than you considered possible. Get ready for the Act 1 finale "Defying Gravity" starting now!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I know how you feel, I love having a full planner yet get so sressed over it at the same time! How was the run? That is very impressive!

shannon said...

i love your weekly menu - sounds yummy! i also love the picture on this post. so fun!

Melita said...

your weekend sounded divine!! i can't say that i've ever had banana pancakes before (i must correct this at once!). i hope you find your balance! and THANK YOU for the tickets to see the cove!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend...just perfect. I love your previous post about how you love being single, good for you!!! I want my nieces to know that they should become their own person first and then worry about that other half! 'Love me Before We' - I know that will be a purchase that I will make for them.
Also, your post about balance makes me long for some. This is my very moody time of the month and I just can't face anyone today, I don't feel well physically and very overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. Needless to say, I am not at work...home and looking for some inspiration! I need a good plan for this time of the month. I have not tried any natural remedies, but I think I will be consulting with my doctor.
Love the blog!!!

positively present said...

Great post! You're going to love Wicked. I loved it so much that I wrote about it on BOTH of my blogs after I saw it two weeks ago. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!