Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Journal + Crafts

As a child I began journal after journal (normally of the Sanrio variety avec adorable locks and keys and maybe 6 lines per page), but usually abandoned them after a couple of days. My intentions were sincere, but well, as a kid I preferred riding my bike and playing with barbies.

I didn't take another serious stab at journaling until my 2nd year of law school. It was the Spring of 2007, and I just had recently returned to school after a semester of withdrawal. I thought, what better time than now, as a recovering depression-holic to start a journal? Looking back I'm pretty unimpressed with my first choice - a boring black spiral-bound one from Barnes & Noble that had a tree and quote on the cover. Since then my journals have gotten prettier, and I've amassed quite an interesting collection. There have been ebbs and flows, naturally, but I've been an avid and consistent journaler since that Spring. I'm hooked.

Recently I've taken my journal in new and (exciting to moi) directions. I've started collaging, painting un peu, and even doodling in them (je suis a terrible artist). Today I stumbled across this journal on etsy and kicked myself for having missed out on the chance to purchase it for myself.

But as I looked at it, I realized hey, this is something I could sort of attempt to make my own. I mean, I'm a smart gal. And avec the magic that is the google search engine, I could make a pretty fun and fab and customized journal! Then a fellow Tweeter tweeted about this fab etsy shop and got even MORE ideas! I mean check out this fun French Market Vintage Journal kit -

Isn't it sooo fun? I adore all her petit embellishments, and I think I might indulge in some. :)

Anyhoo, have you guys ever tried something like this? How hard is it to, um, punch holes in bookcovers?? And what other fun (and EASY) bookbinding techniques are there? I know there are some that involve sewing, and I gotta say, that's not my cup of tea (yet). I'd love any ideas/suggestions you have, my darlings!!

Oh and speaking of gorgeous things, how much do you adore PaPaYa Art? I LOVE all their stuff!!! And they have a gorgeous workspace and warehouse which you can see here at decor8. Enjoy!


Melita said...

those are adorable!! have fun with your crafty creative self! there had better be pics when you are done ;)

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Also looking forward to seeing pictures.

Working at a university I normally go to our student support centre. They have all sorts of gadgets for hole punching/binding (and not all of them create a boring academic finish!). You could see if your lcoal uni has a similar resource.

kaileenelise said...

oh i just adore that pink journal up top! thanks for sharing. i'm excited to see what you craft up ;)

Jen said...

love it!!!!

C said...

Gorgeous Ma Cherie!! Crafting is so much fun :-)

Rachel said...

That is a really cute idea! You're a brilliant chica ;)