Monday, August 31, 2009

Calling All Vancouver Fans!!

As you know, I'll be spending a couple days in this gorgeous city and would LOVE some recommendations for places to eat, shop, and hang out! I really only have about 1 1/2 days to explore the city, and unfortunately, I need to spend some of that time working. So I'd love to know of any fun coffee shops (with free wifi!). I also love baked treats (think cupcakes), fun boutique shops and bookstores!!

Oh and um, the forecast for this week is RAIN, highs of 59-62 and lows of 52. After 2 straight months of 100 degree weather, I am in for a serious SHOCK. Leggings and TranquiliT hoodies, here I come!!!
P.S. FYI - just learned from my cousin that he lives in Fairview, very close 2 downtown.


Melita said...

i don't have any suggestions as i haven't been there (yet!). but i hope you have a fun journey.

LGirl said...

Definitely go down Robson Street for shopping! Vancouver is amazing, you will love it.

Kirsten said...

Robson Street is amazing - I love it.

La Bodega is great for Spanish tapas - I'm in love with their Sangria.

Boneta is a great restaurant - I've been twice and have always had a good experience. It's a little pricey though.

West Restaurant is great too, again a little pricey.

Definitely eat seafood (if you still eat fish) while you are in Vancouver. The quality of seafood there is amazing.

If you like fish and chips (I don't - well - I love the chips - not the fried fish so much) my friends rave about Go Fish Ocean Emporium. I have to admit - my fish and chips were tasty - even though I'm not a fried fish lover.

The only bakery I remember trying there was Liberty Bakery. I remember really liking it - we stopped their for breakfast quite often.

Definitely check out the market on Granville Island - love it. Plus there are cute little shops around. Tons of pigeons (ew) but still totally fun. Since I know you like tea, on Granville Island there is a cute little tea store.

JJBean is my favorite coffeeshop in Vancouver - they have a few. I've been to the one in Yaletown and on Granville Island. Unsure if they have wi-fi.

I remember Blushing Boutique being really cute, uber feminine - not entirely my style - but so fun to go and look.

I completely fell in love with Blubird Clothing - I spent a small fortune there.

Boutique Vasanji is a boutique store in Yaletown with more of an international influence - I spent a small fortune there too :)

Hopefully this helps some! Enjoy your vacation!

Kirsten said...

Oh, and Honey Love Design Boutique!

Laura Trevey said...

** just found your great blog :)

Rachel said...

I've never been to vancouver. I'm so excited for you! Have fun, lady!

cathi said...

Have a great time! I haven't been there in years but have been longing to go back!

Ellecubed said...

I absolutely adore Vancouver. I did my first year of university there and I think I left part of my heart there when I left.

For free wifi all Starbucks in Canada give you 2 free hours of wifi daily with a registered card. All you have to do is buy a starbucks card, put five bucks on it and you can get free wifi at any locations. In my opinion, the best Starbucks location to take in the city is at Robinson and Thurlow

Here are some of my favorite places to go in Vancouver:

* Stanley Park. A beautiful park by the ocean. You can usually see plenty of seals. They usually have amazing events throughout the year and there is a quirky little place called the Tea House to dine there that I absolutely love. You can find out more about the park here

* There are plenty of Cupcake options in Vancouver. There is the original Cupcake place called Cupcakes The cupcakes are pretty good but with every visit I notice they are a little smaller and a little drier. My personal favourite cupcake place is Coco Cake Cupcakes Their coconut cupcake is absolutely divine.

* For book stores I really like Banyen Books and Book Warehouse If you are going to either of these, I highly suggest that you check out other places on Fourth Street. I find it has a really cool atmosphere. Plus there are some really great places to eat.

* I also really love Gastown time I go to Vancouver I try to make time to have a cocktail at Opus hotel.

* I also really love the Urban Outfitters in Vancouver

Oh, this is really making me long for another trip to Vancouver. I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy your four day artist date. Vancouver a magical place for artist dates.

Ps. don't forget to pack your umbrella.

green ink said...

I ♥ Vancouver!!!

Try and go to The Naam if you can, and have the Miso Benny for brunch, washed down with orange and strawberry juice. Seriously, that place is divine!

Beautiful cupcakes at "Cupcakes" ( either on Denman St or West Broadway - I liked "mint condition" and "24 carrot"!

Not far from the West Broadway cupcake store is "The Eatery" - for some of the best sushi I have ever had ( - and the decor of the place is fabulous. Get a sake bomb, and a deep fried Mars Bar.

Tenth & Proper is a gorgeous clothes shop ( - I got a wonderful bag from there.

There's a fabulous vintage store in the centre of town, called True Value, or True Vintage? Sorry I can't remember the name...but I got a nice pair of shoes there.

And you've got to go find Japadog! (the japanese hot dog stand!)Near Burrard St, I think. Try the Miso Mayo hotdog, if they still have it. It was the last time I ate meat! A worthy sendoff.

Kitsilano Beach is beautiful, and fun to walk along, or people watch. And I recommend the Granville Island markets as well.

Have fun - I'm jealous! :P x