Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly Menu


lunch - Indian food @ Clay Pit w/ dear amie
dinner - homemade pizza with spinach, goat cheese, & fresh tomatoes


lunch - bring pb & honey sandwich* and fruit from home (yay!)
dinner - black beans + brown rice, roasted sweet potato, zuchinni sauteed with garlic


lunch - sandwich or leftovers from dinner (depending on what i feel like)
dinner - leftover pizza


lunch - sandwich or leftovers OR, if neither sounds appealing, Chipotle
dinner - NACHOS!


lunch - eat @ home (have to swing by for Lola)
dinner - in Dallas, at Momma's house!

*I know I said I don't like sandwiches (and I typically don't), but I got some uber delicious multi-seed bread from Whole Foods, and I do enjoy pb & honey every once in awhile. :)


Rachel said...

Sounds delicious! You've given me ideas for lunches!

Melita said...

i'm not real crazy about sandwiches but if you gussy them up enough they totally work :)

Caitlin said...

yummmmm! Pizza sounds divine

Anonymous said...

i wanna come over thursday night for NACHOS!!

LGirl said...

Yum yum yum!

Lynne from NY said...

I MUST try PB & Honey! Sounds perfect with the Ezekiel bread I've got in the freezer.

Kirsten said...

Yum! That pizza looks so good!