Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad Monday

Today sucked. Today was a crappy, CRAPPY, shittastic Monday.

All the terribleness in Iran (i can't even begin to discuss the magnitude of this one). Then the DC metro crash. And now Jon and Kate divorcing.

I know the last seems like stupid celebrity gossip, but it's the one that *really* hit home for me. I don't know why, i haven't seen their show in ages. But i love those little kids. Those kids are the reason i got through the awful summer of BAR studying last year. The only pleasure activity i allowed myself was watching episode after episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. It was like a summer 2008 marathon or something.

Anyway, there's nothing more to say. Except that i'm sad. I'm sad for the kids. I'm sad for Jon. I'm not really sad for Kate because honestly, i kind of agree with everyone else who thinks she's become a monster.

Poor kids... Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Joel, Aidan, and Colin. Mady and Cara. Those kids' lives are going to be screwed up, there's no doubt about it. And i can't even imagine how they'll explain this one to them. Didn't they just have a 2nd wedding? Didn't they say, "We're doing this so that you guys can see Mommy and Daddy are married and are going to stay married forever"?

I'm not a child of divorce. I have no idea what that feels like. And even though the divorce rate is something obscene, it still never fails to shake me to my very core when parents with children call it quits.


Sigh i need to go to bed.


Kirsten said...

I have so much dislike for Jon and Kate. I think they are bad people. Which I know is a super harsh judgement, but I think what they have put their kids through is TERRIBLE. I think that they are fame whores. I think that they like being famous more than they like their kids.

I think they should have pulled the plug on this show before it started. I think that no matter what this was a bad thing for their kids. I mean, junior high is rough enough for most kids, without knowing that all their peers (not to mention the rest of America) has access to super embarrassing scenes from their childhood.

I know Kate has said over and over that the show is the only way that they can afford college educations for their children. I say BS. Seriously. There are scholarships. There is financial aide. There is not wasting your money on the WORST haircut I have ever seen (ok, that's a joke...but seriously...she needs a stylist). And they are not the only family in the world to have 8 kids. I know that they have 6 at once...but some point, you have to say that your families sanity and happiness is more important than a paycheck.

At the end of the day, their 15 minutes will be up and they will be left with nothing except for big therapy bills.

Sorry...rant over..

PS - so sorry you have had a bad day, love. I hate divorce too, especially when their are kids involved and these kids haven't deserved any of this nonsense.

Bonjour Madame said...

This makes me sad too. They have 8 very good reasons to work this out, tame their egos and stay together. Sorry but when you've got 8 tiny kids, you need to put your life on hold until they are out of high school. What's sad is it's so simple too. If Kate would stop being bitter and mean to him and he would man up, this probably would not even be an issue.

Hope Tuesday is better!

Kelly O said...

I completely understand what you're saying about J&K; they told those kids something probably knowing deep down it wasn't true. There was absolutely zero reason to do it, except for the Hawaiian vacation or the attention (or maybe even a producer who thought it would be a good idea? Don't know.)

Seems like the craptastic Monday was all around. I've sent up a prayer for a better Tuesday for all of us.

Lauren said...

I totally understand. All three of those things left me feeling super horrible yesterday as well.

I knew Jon and Kate were going to announce they were divorcing (People broke the news of her filing that day a few hours before) and, even so, watching that episode was heart wrenching. I've watched them since the very first special when the kids were born, so it feels like my own family going through it or something (I know that sounds crazy, heh). Jon made a comment on last night's show like, "This new chapter is both scary and exciting. I'm only 32 year old" and people are attacking him for it--but can you imagine living every single day being berated by your attention-and-money-obsessed wife? i don't blame him in the least.

It breaks my heart that those 8 adorable little kids will not only live through this, but also, instead of not really remembering it when they are grown like normal kids their age, have it captured on tape for all of eternity.

City Girl said...

I am so sorry you had a bad day :(

ohmypuddin said...

would it cheer you up if I told you I gave you a blog award?

Naturally Jules said...

I know what you mean, there are some days that I cannot even watch or listen to the news....too sad. As far as Jon & Kate, I totally feel for the kids as well. I feel that it is totally wrong to expose the children to the kind of exposure that they have and will have to deal with. :(

amanda said...

thank you for posting this! that ended my monday shittily too! it may seem ridiculous to some, but i am sad about it. it does hit home for me. and you mentioned the reason that it makes me angry as well...the fact that they knew they had problems yet still renewed their vows, all along drilling into the kids, "This is to show we will all be together forever, We promise" Ugh, i just wish they hadn't done that to only lead to where they are now. Makes me so sad.