Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Bonjour, darlings. How has your Tuesday been? Moi, well, it's been more like a Monday than a Tuesday! I did manage to wake up early enough to do my new SHAPE bikini boot camp DVD this morning (um, it kicked my "i thought i was in shape" ass) and get to work by 8:30. Unfortunately, as i got into my car, i managed to somehow to drop my coffee tumbler all OVER my lap, and therefore had to rush back in the house to change. At first i thought i could just change my skirt. But then i realized the bottom of my shirt had gotten spilled upon as well. Great. It took me, i kid you not, another 10 minutes at least to figure out what i was going to change into (this is on top of the first 15 minutes spent in my closet earlier this morning). I am really starting to hate getting dressed for work. (And just now, of course, a coworker informed me that my cardigan was on inside out.)

Which brings me to my next topic... What happened to the days when you could just put on pants/skirt and a top, and that was enough? These days i feel naked in just a simple top & bottom combo and usually have to add in a third (and maybe fourth) element into my ensemble, whether that be a cardigan, vest, oversized belt, scarf, or combination thereof. I don't think i'm alone in this thought as all the fashion blogs and magazines i peruse have only reinforced this concept. Layering is in. The more, the better. Blame Mary-Kate, blame whomever, but it sure does make getting dressed more complicated. (Of course, i found this to be fun back in my schooling days, when i could layer whatever-the-heck i wanted and not worry about being inappropriate.)


ohmypuddin said...

1. I don't believe in layering with the Texas heat. Too hot even for one layer.

2. Glad to hear you're doing the Shape dvd! Do you like it thus far?

Julie Bandy said...

Ironically, I was thinking pretty much the same thing this morning when I walked out the door in a summer skirt/Gap tee combo. It used to be just fine for college and grad school... even in the ad world! But now... I guess I feel a little 'young' in this get-up. Oh well, 28 needs to be the new 21. Seriously.

Chelsa Bea said...

I was just thinking this morning how frustrated I am with my work wardrobe. I have to be in professional business attire for both of my jobs, like 60+ hours a week. Trying to be fashionable, comfortable and appropriate all at the same time, is exhausting. I want to look cute but, at the same time, I don't want to have to spend a gazillion hours getting ready when I am already deprived on my much needed sleep. Additionally, it gets HOT where I live during the summer, I'm talking a 100 degrees + on average, so I need something that is going to keep me cool when I decide to venture outside. Layering is fun but in the heat, it just seems to melt off. So frustrating! I thought I was good at this fashion/shopping thing, but I am thinking I need a personal shopper/stylist to tell me what to wear these days. If you come up with any answers let me know.

p.s. Love the new header and blog layout. Very Lilly Pulitzer.

Kiki said...

If only changing our wardrobes could be as easy as changing our headers...but the new blog look is definitely cool, crisp and refreshing for a Texas summer. I love your choice of font and color for the header!

Sarah said...

I've found myself to lazy to care lately. This morning, I throw on black linen pants, a fitted grey tee, and silver maryjane flats. I did add a hugh pewter cuff for some style. Unfortunately, when I meet with clients in their homes it isn't always clean, so I try to wear clothes that can be washed many times over and over again.

Alia said...

the cardigan line just gave me a much needed lol...love you darlin ;-)

and i too have found the need to accessorize or else feel like plain and frumpy jane...but i think it adds some much needed fun and color to the dressing for work process! i'm sorry you're finding it so frustrating :-(