Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things I'm Happy About

1. TGIT. I spent all day yesterday convinced it was Thursday, and when the reality set in that it was not, i kind of died. Luckily today is, in fact, Thursday which means...

-1 more day until le weekend

-2 more days until i go to San Antonio to have a fun blogger playdate with Sarah (we plan to to eat good food, drink champagne, thrift to our hearts' content, and lay by the pool - divine, n'est ce pas?)

-3 more days until i have a tres French (and undoubtedly delicious) brunch with Lauren at Brasserie Pavil

Of course that brings me again to Sunday night, and let's not even go there because i'm already depressed just thinking about it. UPDATE: Totally forgot i am having a reunion playdate with my dear Matty on Sunday night - yay for something to look forward to!!

2. On a brighter note, i'm thrilled that some of you have gotten your snail mail packages. I've been so exhausted this week so i haven't made up anymore, but hopefully i'll get to do some this weekend before and/or after my trip to SA.

3. Have any of you seen Enlighten Up? I know it showed in DC a little while back. It's opening in Austin tomorrow night, and i'm tempted to make a solo date out of it and lose myself in a dark movie theater (avec smuggled treats). Thoughts?

4. In the midst of my soul-searching, i sent an email to a few dear friends asking, "What am i good at?" Eloquent, huh? But really, i just found myself unable to answer this question on my own and was curious as to how my friends would answer it. I've gotten some wonderful, helpful and heartfelt responses, which of course, j'adore. And now, I open up this question to you, dear readers - What is Carolyn good at?

5. I'm taking my friend J to Sandra Bullock's restaurant BESS BISTO for lunch today. It's her belated birthday lunch, and i'm TRES excited! I have a $25 gift certificate (that i got for $2 via, but the catch is that we have to order $50 worth of food. That means appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, cafe's, and leftovers!!

Tell me, mes amies, what's making you happy these days?


Sarah said...

I wasn't even aware of Enlighten Up. Of course, now I'm totally into it and I just missed the showings in Philly. I guess I will have to wait until DVD.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, Perhaps you were not aware that Thursday is the new Friday? ;)

Your excitement over new things, love of beauty, appreciation of life -- all of it is quite contagious and must be taken into consideration when doing your soul searching. :)

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Sounds like you have some fun things planned for the next few days.

You seem such a warm, friendly and smart individual. I can see that you are a people person, seen your tweets about buying things for your co-workers etc.... You also seem to have a real passion for life. I agree with Christine, that passion/appreciation is contagious.

Leslie said...

I really want to see Englighten Up! Unfortunately it only showed in one city in my state and it was at a time I couldn't go. I'm hoping it will be available on video soon!

Caitlin said...

Sounds like a great movie! I'll have to see if it's playing in SA too. How fun that you're going to visit San Antonio!!

ohmypuddin said...

What's making me happy these days? Looking forward to brunch with YOU!