Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet Pierre

I came home yesterday to a bulging FedEx package from Ma Soeur. Inside it was this. Meet Pierre, my new SQUISHABLE sheep!

Knowing i've been having a rough and frustrating time at work (this week being no exception), Ma Soeur thought Pierre would be just the thing to cheer me up. And boy, she was RIGHT! Not being a huge fan of stuffed animals in general (i was way more into barbies and babies), i was really surprised how much tension and stress was relieved by squishing Pierre.

Plus, aren't those pics on the website hilarious?? She got the idea when one of her team members, during a VERY frustrating project, bought a bunch of them and "placed" them around the office. So cute!

I can't wait for Pierre and Lola to be friends. (She's not terribly impressed at the moment.)

Merci, Ma Soeur!!!

Bon, now i'm off to sip coffee, do my mourning pages, run a few errands, and then hit the road for FUNTIMES in San Antonio!!!


Revisionista said...


ps~love the new header! Gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

That sheep is amazing!!!

And the new header looks great!!!! :)

Melita said...

he is adorable!! i also love the new header!! tres chic

michele said...

Carolyn, found your lovely blog via Kimberly Wilsons' Tranquility du Jour and just wanted to say hello! I hope you'll visit me too at

Alia said...

hahaha i LOVE him, so cute!! i could really use my own pierre right about now, work is slowly killing me and i haven't been able to leave battery park in over two weeks! augh!

Pink Heels said...

Oh my goodness...Pierre dwarfs little Lola!