Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reflecting On May

First, i can't believe May is already over. Wasn't it just yesterday i was discussing my May Goals? Let's see how i did...

My May Goals:

1. get my yoga back on! Yes! I went to several yoga classes in May, and it felt AWESOME. Can't wait to get back into it once this nasty strep is gone.

2. rediscover artist dates (a Julia Cameron term) Check! Used my lunch breaks as a time to go to local cafes or fun restaurants and spend time journaling, reading, etc.

3. make morning smoothies (made one this morning for the first time in months.... holllaaa!) Did this, but not EVERY morning b/c i kept forgetting to buy bananas... oops.

4. start BAR trip scrapbook Fail... not even close.

5. document life more with cameras (aka take more pictures, esp. with my new Holga which i have not yet received :-( ) DID take more pics, but have not yet used my Holga. I'm baaad with instruction booklets...

6. drink more tea, less coffee (even bought some green tea this past weekend, not the biggest fan of green tea but working on it as its health benefits are vast) Definitely did this, and i think it definitely helped with my energy levels and reduced my afternoon headaches.

7. PRAY Yes, but again, still need to work on this.

I'm going to spend some time tonight thinking about my June goals (one of which is definitely to beef up my immune system!) and will share soon.

How did y'all do?? I want to know!


Melita said...

i also can't believe may is gone already. overall i think you did really well. congrats my friend! as far as my goals went, i did pretty well. i had so many on there that i neglected the two most important ones. those are now on my june goal list. i also shortened my june goal list to make sure that the most important ones get completed!!

Revisionista said...

great job! It looks like you made progress on each of your goals.

Hope you're feeling better or at least watching lots of movies & getting cuddles from lola!

Sarah said...

Congrats on meeting your goals, not always an easy accomplishment! I succeeded in my May goals and still need to blog about June's goals.

ta soeur said...

Wow I like this goal tracking! So are you going to creating monthly goals??