Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh Dimanche...

Bonsoir, my darlings. How was your weekend? Mine was short, oh so short! So funny b/c i had absolutely nothing planned this weekend (was going to retreat, but hmm, didn't really happen... or did it?) but found myself "doing" a lot. Rearranging by bedroom, thrifting for a new bedside table (scored one for $35!), baking an asparagus/feta/mushroom quiche and a blueberry cobbler (recipes coming soon), finally going to IKEA and getting a bunch of frames for my prints (including a vintage map of France for my office - ooh la la!), making up a bunch of snail mail packages, and going to yoga - yay!

Speaking of snail mail packages, i received a ton of addy's (merci!!) so it will take me a little time to get these all out the door. I made my first "batch" this weekend (making them in the order of addy's received), and i'm not sure when i'll be able to make my second (and third), seeing as how my next couple weekends are packed. Please be patient - i assure you that yours is on its way! I've had oodles of fun being creative with them. My goal is to not spend any outside money (aside from postage and packaging), which has proven fairly easy considering i have, well, a LOT of stuff. You'll see... ;-)

In other news, i've discovered a multitude of gorgeous blogs lately and can't wait to share. As promised i fully intend on updating my blog list (vers la droite). But for now, my darlings, i've got to get some beauty sleep! (Okay, maybe i'll be blog-reading and tweeting a bit until then...)



Melita said...

sounds like you had a lovely weekend albeit short. can't wait to see the new bedside table in it's new home. surely you'll post a pic, no?!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

What a great week-end. Planning a trip to Ikea my-self this week (always some-thing that I need for the house!). The quiche sounds yummy - looking forward to seeing the recipe - do you make your own pastry?

Revisionista said...

Bonjour cherie~sounds like you had a lovely weekend. The bedside table sounds divine! Am now craving blueberry cobbler :)