Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 1... SIKE!

Remember sike? Remember how annoyingly overused it was? Yeah... I'm bringing it back. Anyway, as promised, I am blogging about my first day in NYC. Except... I'm not in NYC, I'm sitting on my Mom's comfy bed, tummy full of kimchi stew, and cursing American Airlines. Pourquoi? Because I woke up at 6:30 a.m., finished packing, and made the hour long drive to DFW Airport only to discover upon arrival at the check-in counter that my flight was cancelled. Not delayed! CANCELLED. Oh and that there were no other available flights for me (apparently lots of flights were cancelled). Can we say anticlimactic? I mean, I tossed and turned last night, realizing that this was my last night as a Texan and wondering how I'd fare so far away from my Mom. I even walked around the house in the dark and cried a little. Missed Lola and wondered when I'd see her again. All that, and my flight was cancelled. Le sigh. So I'm booked on the same flight for tomorrow morning. And I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed that my flight is not cancelled and is ON TIME and that I don't get stuck in a middle or window seat (I can't even get a seat assigned at this point - UGH).

Despite my early morning disappointment, Mom and I took advantage of our last day together and ate lots of food, watched Something's Gotta Give, and even packed and shipped 2 very full boxes of more of my "stuff" that will arrive at my NYC apartment this Friday (God willing). And in other good news? My Vitamix shipped today!!! Yes, I bought a Vitamix. Yes, it's absurdly expensive. But oh me oh my, it makes the creamiest, dreamiest green smoothies of my LIFE! (And it has a 7-year warranty.) See?

I plan to LIVE off smoothies this summer! And with that, mes amies, I am signing off for the evening and hoping for a seamless, worry-free journey to Manhattan tomorrow morning.

P.S. The only reason I was able to justify the purchase of said Vitamix was because I sold about $500 of "extra" stuff (aka not furniture, electronics, etc. that I was already intending to sell). Excuse? Maybe... but still so worth it. :D


Valerie at City|Life|Eats said...

Just catching up on emails and blogs after several days away - safe travels today!!

michele said...

Hey lady! Saw on twitter that you landed safely in the Big Apple! Welcome to the great state of NY from a fellow New Yorker (albeit an upstate-r!) :) Good luck getting settled in!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

my parents have a vitamix, and it does THE most amazing things. drinks, smoothies, those are obvious, but my mom makes dips and hummus and all kinds of crazy stuff with it. it's amazing. congrats on your purchase! we would get one, but we are already addicted to our margaritaville machine. lol how texan is that?! i'm going to need you and my other NYC friend nik to keep me grounded in normal and not completely disappear into the texan way of life!