Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 17... All Over the Place

This post will be all over the place because my day (and mood, apparently) is all over the place today. First, I painted this morning. WOO HOO! It's the first time I've woken up before 10 a.m. since I've been here (SHAME), and I did it all in the name of a beautiful pink room. I absolutely adore it and can't wait to finish decorating so I can post pictures!

Second, I passed Lucy Liu on the sidewalk today!! She literally walked right past me, and I never stare at the people around me (b/c otherwise I'd probably fall over and get crushed by the crowds), but I happened to be looking to my left and there she was in all her petite Asian beauty. (She is SHORT btw.) First celebrity sighting, and it was in my 'hood! Exciting!!

Third, there's no Paper Source in this city (thank God - that place is DANGERous), but there is a Kate's Paperie. Kate's Paperie is Paper Source in miniature form, and it's darling. I stopped by this afternoon to pick up some hot pink ribbon, and I had to snap a pic of the cute window.

Fourth, I had no concerete plans for the evening, and although some friends invited me out, I opted for a chill night since the rest of my weekend is quickly filling up. It was a gorgeous evening so I decided to go for a long walk and eventually found my way to Union Square. I remembered that the only Trader Joe's in the city is in Union's Square so I found it, picked up some goodies (read: chocolate covered everything), and proceeded to wait in the longest line I've ever waited in for groceries. It was well worth it though, and I enjoyed my long walk home avec dark chocolate covered raisins. A 2nd Trader Joe's is opening mere minutes from my apartment, and I can't wait. Whole Foods, je t'adore, but sometimes you can be a little bit too much.

Fifth, for some reason every time I speak on the phone with my Mom, I end up crying. I don't know why, it's something about the familiarity of her voice or something, but it gets me every single time. Tonight, however, I had good reason to cry. A couple of nights ago when we talked (yes, I talk to my Mom practically every day) she told me that she'd buy my a plane ticket to Dallas for my birthday (AUGUST 11!). I was stoked! I wasn't planning to go back to TX until Thanksgiving, so the knowledge that I could see my parents, eat free delicious food, and visit Super Target in just a couple of months was tres exciting. Unfortunately, I completely misunderstood the conversation. My mom meant that she'd buy me the ticket home for Thanksgiving... not August. After I pitched a mini fit, she then told me that I couldn't expect to come home only a couple of months after getting here, and that I was about to be 27 and needed to learn how to stand on my own. What can I say? I'm the baby of the family!

Note: I don't cry because I'm lonely or bored. I was lonely the first week here, but since then I've started to feel like this is truly my home. I've met loads of people and have exciting things happening every day. Tonight as I walked around the city, I couldn't stop smiling at the knowledge that I finally made it here, and that I truly love it. I love this city. I love love love it. (Ask me again in January how I feel.)

Sixth, my weekend plans consist of: Brooklyn Flea with my friend Noel on Saturday morning, cocktails at the Maritime Hotel tomorrow night with Roomie Trois and her friend Mallory, brunch in at the Roebling Tea Room on Sunday with my new friend Wendy and her roomies Michelle and Erin, church with Roomie Trois, and possibly dinner Sunday evening in Queens with a friend of my sister's from college. What do you have planned for le weekend?


MoneyMaus said...

I am still SO envious of you living in NYC! It's my FAVORITE city in the entire world and I truly hope to live there one day...insane weather and all :) I know how you feel about your family - my Mom is my best friend and we talk every day. But I've been away from her since I came to college in CA when I was 18, so at 24 I'm used to being away from fam.

ENJOY your busy weekend! Btw, your bedroom looks BIG for what I've seen for my NYC friends before... and hardwood floors, lucky! :) Love your neighborhood, too. And just walking around the city is my favorite thing to do!

Ack, sorry for the incredibly long comment. I'm doing some apartment hunting this weekend and maybe SeaWorld tomorrow? (Free ticket - yay!) :)

laura said...

Sounds like you have a busy w/e planned! I'm glad it's starting to feel like home.

I love Kate's Paperie, my husband always goes for a coffee when I go in there...apparently I take ages choosing, lol!

Can't wait to see your room :-)

Valerie at City|Life|Eats said...

Yay for fun weekend plans and the Brooklyn Flea - that was one of my favorite things when I lived there.

I am sure Super Target in TX is enormous, but I always found the Target at Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn to have a lot of stuff (and the one by Brooklyn College had even more).

Kerry said...

Hey Carolyn, just found your blog today and it's quite adorable. I'm totally with you regarding the whole crying-on-the-phone-with-mom thing. I'm hoping this passes sometime before I have my own kids. They will think that grandma is scary :)