Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 2... Le Pooped

It's funny that I ever thought running errands in Austin could be exhausting. Because here? It's like... way way way worse. And the crazy thing is, I don't even notice how tired I am until I'm done. And I feel this physical exhaustion that I haven't felt in far too long (b/c, well, i haven't worked out in months). Oh and the bottom of my feet are... not cute. BUT STILL! The fact that I CAN walk to so many places is still amazing to me. I do wish it weren't so darn hot and humid here already, but c'est la vie. It looks like Febreeze and multiple showers will be a new norm for moi, at least for the summer. Thank God I have an A/C in my room! (A window unit - OH YEAH!)

I started my second day in the city with a lazy and late breakfast at Blue Dog Cafe and from there ran to Bed Bath and Beyond (again) and the drugstore. Came home and immediately hopped in the shower and realized the drain was not functioning at its highest capacity. Gross. Got out as quickly as possible and spent the next couple hours with the A/C on full blast, slowly getting ready for my afternoon meeting. (Oh and waited for the UPS guy who delivered my Vitamix - holla!) Walked to meeting and arrived sweaty, but the meeting nonetheless went well. Walked home and cursed my stupid decision not to bring flats. Came home, changed, and immediately went out to Whole Foods, which is, like many other fun spots, mere minutes away from my apartment. Got smoothie ingredients and a bar of dark chocolate w/ almonds and cherries (YUM). Came home, whipped up smoothie, chatted w/ Roomie #2 (there are 3!), and proceeded to majorly veg out on my sad, sad bed with no blanket and only one pillow.

As I laid in bed, watching the latest episodes of The City and The Hills, I wondered what other NYC-ers were doing. Does anyone here have a night at home? I have this perception that everyone is constantly out and about, for every meal, every evening, every weekend. (I have no idea how they afford that btw. My bfast was NOT cheap.) I have no firm plans for tomorrow either, but I plan to do some job hunting work and then take a very long (and inevitably sweaty) walk around the city.

As for le weekend, I have plans for a vegan brunch at The Organic Grill in the East Village and hitting up the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn on Saturday, all avec a new friend who sounds super fun (we haven't actually met yet). More brunch plans for Sunday and then getting down to business on Monday. I have to treat this job hunt like, well, a job or else I'll get lost walking the streets of Manhattan. Here's to being productive!

Also? I plan to take interesting pictures and all that so that these daily ramblings won't be so word-y. Love you!!!!!!


Lauren said...

When I first moved to DC, I was tired ALL THE TIME. What I now know is just a few blocks and not that big of a deal seemed like an eternity. Plus the summer's humidity didn't help. The good news? It will get better!

TheAnalyst said...

At least you see the positive, b/c that is what is important and shouldn't be missed! I didn't realize you had 2 roomates, I hope you are enjoying them. I was wondering, are they out every night? Perhaps you could get the scoop from them.

Valerie at City|Life|Eats said...

When I lived in NYC, most people I knew were out Wed-Thu and Sat-Sun - for some reason Fridays tended to be quieter among the various groups of people I knew. Summers we all went out more because of the nice weather - and conversely, winter evenings were quieter.

Yay on your Vita :)

NYC and DC are both sweltering in summer, but you kind of stop noticing. I know I have after living in both cities for years. :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds so nice to me, even with the crazy heat/humidity! I can't wait until I am out to visit you!

TheAnalyst said...

I wanted to second Valerie...the city will be sweltering. There is this humidity streak that goes from NYC down to DC, stopping at Philly along the way (my old hometown). While the temps are generally higher in TX, I imagine the humidity is worse in the NE. Lots of water, cool clothes, and hair ties are the trick.

P.S. If you hair reacts to humidity, you may have bigger hair than you had in TX. ;) Fortunately, there are products for control.

Rachel said...

I am envious of your NYC fun! I'm sure things will get to feeling normal for you soon!