Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 13... Gym Rats (And Other Rats, Too)

So... everyone here has a gym membership. Like, every single person I've met. And not just rich people, my friends, I'm talkin' EVERYone. And gym memberships here are not cheap! They are, at the most inexpensive (read "GHETTO"), around $80/month. I mean... I'd much rather spend that $80 a month on something else, but apparently I'm in the minority. I was always of the opinion that I wouldn't need a gym here because I walk everywhere, but perhaps I'm wrong. Tonight I accompanied Roomie Trois to her gym (which is more like $100+/month) to take a "Just Dance" hip-hop cardio class. WOW it kicked my butt, but in a really really good way! The instructor was great, and the dancing was fun and HARD. This is why Beyonce looks the way she does, my friends. Anyway, I was a huge fan of the gym and found myself kinda wanting to join... Course that won't be happening until I have a steady income, but ya know, a girl can dream. ;)

Not only am I surrounded by gym rats, but I'm also surrounded by the other variety... as in the brown, large, and disgusting long-tailed variety. Yes, I saw my first rat on Friday night. Me and my friends Steph and David were walking home from the West Village, and it was trash night. And all of a sudden I saw a GINORMOUS rodent run across the sidewalk in front of us, and oh my gawd, I nearly died. Those things are HUGE here, I mean HUGE. Luckily rats are not the norm in apartments here, but apparently mice are. I'm happy to say that I've not yet encountered a single pest or rodent in my wonderful apartment! Nope, not even a roach (KNOCK ON WOOD). Yes, I plan to stay here forever (or at least until I move into my penthouse suite). :)


MoneyMaus said...

SO jealous about taking hip hop! I took hip hop for almost all of middle/high school, and dabbled in it during college. I've definitely lost it now but still have some of the coordination and am OBSESSED with turbo kickboxing classes, which I take at 24 Hour Fitness.

I know about the whole gym thing in NYC. The easiest would be to live in an apt that has a gym as an amenity but that is NOT CHEAP just like the others. But hey - if it makes you happy and you have fun with it, then SPEND the $80/month, I say! :)

an old fashioned girl said...

I hear you, gym memberships are SOOO expensive. I try to bum "free trials" off of people or go to places that offer one-off classes like dance, yoga, or spin. Right now I'm addicted to Bikram Yoga. Classes can be expensive, I buy a pack of 10 for $95 but totally worth it, kicks my butt! As for the brown rats...EWWWW!!! I die over rodents and bugs. Thank goodness they aren't in your place!

Crystal said...

EW, I HATE RODENTS!!! Thank god you haven't seen any mice in your apartment.

That's interesting that everyone has gym memberships there. Like you I totally would have thought that walking the city would be a workout itself. I've heard that gym memberships there are expensive, but I guess it's worth it to be healthy! I used to pay $120/month for just a kickboxing class 2-3 times per week at a martial arts studio in DC. It kicked my butt (and was one of my biggest expenses) but after two years I was in tip-top shape!

Rachel said...

Yikes!! $100??? Craziness! Well, I guess not that crazy considering I'm willing to fork over about $120 a month for yoga.

And I want you to know that I am playing some serious catch up on blog reading, but made sure to set aside some serious time to read through your blog. Yours is one of my absolute faves!! :) xo