Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 28... IKEA, NY-style

Today, I FINALLY made it out to IKEA Brooklyn to get my very-badly-much-needed-omg-my-life-will-be-so-much-better-when-i-have-this desk. As you can imagine, a trip to IKEA in New York City is quite different than it would be in any other state. You can't just drive there, park, shop your heart out, and then come back and stuff your goodies into the trunk. Nope, you've got to take a... wait for it... WATER TAXI!


So my friend Noel and I met on Wall Street, walked over to Pier 11, and hopped on the IKEA water taxi. And it was surprisingly lovely! There's a nice air-conditioned (tres important on 90-degree days like today) section with comfy seating and wonderful views of the water. The whole trip only takes 15 minutes, and it's quite pleasant. I highly recommend it!

Getting back with your stuff, however, is un peu less glamorous. But I got my desk parts and chair set up for delivery (and I think I may have ordered the wrong size desk top so... that'll be interesting). Everything is arriving tomorrow afternoon, and I *really* hope that I can make it work because I really really really want a desk. Like, now. I want a place to sit and type and write and apply my makeup and eat and all that other stuff other than my bed, which has been the hotspot of all aforementioned activity (no bueno). The desk is large, and if I do make this table top work, then it will likely take up half my room but... whatever! I don't need much walking space. ;) I'll keep you posted!

In other news, I cannot WAIT for my beautiful Filofax to arrive!!! I've purchased all the lovely diary inserts and other goodies to go inside of it, and I just can't wait to get my hands on it and organize and plan and color coordinate and all that good stuff. Why are planners so much FUN?

I am convinced that this whole "job search" bidness will go so much smoother once I have a proper desk and planner. Wouldn't you agree?


MGS Fotografie said...

which desk did you get? We ended up buying another dining table and using the two of them as desks so now we have to buy a new dining table...but seriously, so much cheaper than a desk!

Vanessa said...

I work for IKEA and have been to MANY. The Red Hook one is by far the coolest!

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

wow, i can't even imagine what it would be like to shop at ikea in a place like NYC. even in LA, where you can drive and load everything in your car is such a headache.

can't wait to see which desk you got!