Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 4... Bonjour, Brooklyn!

I had a FABULOUS day! My sleeping schedule is way off so my day began rather late (okay... close to noon if I'm going to be honest), and I quickly got up, got ready and headed out to meet my new friend Noel at brunch.

The Organic Grill is a darling (read: tiny) joint in the East Village, and I just adored it. I ordered the "Indecisive Sampler" or something along those lines which included blueberry pancakes, tofu scramble, and your choice of tempeh bacon or soy sausage. I opted for yukon gold home fries instead of the bacon or sausage option, but I'm eager to try them in the future. The pancakes were yummy, and the tofu scramble was PHENOM! I don't know how they season and cook their tofu, but it's fantastic! Not soggy or tofu-y or anything. Really great flavor with super fresh veggies. I was tres impressed. And Noel? Well, she's just fabulous. We hit it off immediately, and I'm so grateful to my friend Lindsay for setting us up (THANK YOU, LINDS!!!).

After brunch, we took the L train over to Williamsburg and walked to McCarren Park where the Renegade Craft Fair was happening. What fun! TONS of booths and lots of hip people (and pregnant women for some reason). We perused booth after booth. Naturally, all the letterpress/paperproducts were my faves, and yes, I may have purchased a couple things but not nearly as many as I wanted. I also got an amazing pair of earrings which I'll photograph next time I wear them. They're... interesting. ;)

After hours of walking, we headed back to Bedford Avenue and met up with one of Noel's friends from HS. He has a sweet (and huge) loft, and he treated us to lemonade/vodka cocktails upon arrival. It was so hot and sticky outside, so the drink was ideal. After finishing our beverages, we headed back to Manhatten, and Noel and I parted ways with promises of lots of future dates (including the Brooklyn Flea - can't wait for that!).

Later tonight I met my friend Steph and her two gal pals for dinner at Bobo. The restaurant was nice, but we were seated outside so we spent the entire meal sweating. Nonetheless conversation was good and the food was tasty, but not fantastic. After dinner, we frequented a couple bars in the Village, and I remembered all too well how much I can't stand overcrowded bars full of singles trying to pick each other up. My friend Steph said I need an attitude adjustment, and she's absolutely right. But I just do not see myself meeting anyone worth meeting at a bar... is that wrong of me? I mean, who knows who you can meet? It's NYC, right? Hmm, I don't know. It really got me thinking... when will I be ready and willing to "meet" people again? (And by people, I obviously mean men.) Je ne said pas. More on that later...

All in all, I had a beautiful Saturday. And despite my multiple showers today, I still love love love walking around this incredible city. But now? It's time for sleep. Bon nuit.


Megan said...

I am really enjoying reading all about your new adventure. New York is my dream destination so I am very jealous.

laura/nms said...

Sounds fun! I'm glad you had a better day today :-)

Kepp exploring, it's great to read!

MoneyMaus said...

Great post again! Loving your updates! I totally cracked up when you mentioned all the pregnant women in Brooklyn... because that is a totally TRUE stereotype of that area. It's held up every time I've ventured into that borough :) And now you've given me another restaurant to try (Organic Grill) next time I visit the city. Yum!

shelly said... are making me want to move to nyc!

The Jazzy Olive said...

Hi Carolyn!

I love your blog and I'm glad you are having a good time in NYC! So brave to just up and move to a new city. I did that when I moved to DC in 2008 and it's definitely scary but worth it in the long run! As for your shower, maybe you should try some drain-o or even pour some baking soda down the drain and then some vinegar and cover the drain with a cup for about 30 min. That's my mom's drink. It eats away all the gunk inside the drain. Then when your drain works better, the soap/hair scum shouldn't be there because it's probably just getting stuck due to the clogged drain!! Sorry for my unsolicited advice, haha. Keep up the good blogging and good times in NYC!!! xoxo

shelly said...

heard of this place? hear it's pretty good :)

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! PS. I hated (and still hate) bars for that very reason. I once met a guy that I thought was a good guy at a bar... it took me almost a year to realize he was the most awful man I had ever met. :(

There are other places to meet men. Many other places.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Just got back from France so catching up reading your blog. Hope the move went well and you are settling into your new home.

PS- I met my hubbie in a pub 10 years ago (but he was a mutual friend of a friend who I was with as opposed to a total stranger!!!!).