Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Kardashians

Soooo i caught a snippet of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and i can honestly say that prior to this viewing, i had never watched the show. Ever. I have enough issues with worthless celebrities and reality TV stars like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. Do i really need to watch this show to confirm my suspicion that Kim Kardashian ought be added to the list?

Well. No matter how worthless she might be, there is no denying that she's absolutely stunning. Gorgeous. She really is! Those eyes, that skin, those cheekbones, and holy crap, that BODY. Her bum may be its own planet, but you can't deny that her chest-waist-hip ratio is insane. She has curves in all the right places (albeit a little much for my taste).

Anyway - back to the show. I saw the part where the Dad is talking to one of the sisters, Khloe about doing the "i'd rather go nude than wear fur" PETA campaign. The Dad asked, "Don't you think you should lose some weight?" And continued to shove his huge foot in his mouth. The sad part? I'm pretty sure i've had that conversation with both my parents many a time, probably starting from age 10. Naturally, Khloe got defensive, pissed, and stormed out. Hell, who wouldn't? I feel bad for her, really i do. How many of you refer to her as the "fat one"? I sure did. It must suck to have two beautiful sisters with bangin' bodies and to be called a tranny and all that. (I should know! I was and prob. always will be the fat sister! and YES i'm still bitter about it!!) My point is - I feel for the girl. And GO HER for doing the PETA shoot and actually posing nude. Oh and if you happen to watch the show and see the particular episode where she does the photoshoot? You will see that she is NOT. FAT.

Ok. I'm done now.

P.S. I completely understand if you lost a little respect for me after learning that i actually watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians AND semi-enjoyed it. I promise i won't blog about it again. ;-)


fhen said...

i like khloe campaign for PETA!
it's nice and she doesnt look fat.. hmmm

shannon said...

don't feel bad. i'll admit that watching keeping up with the kardashians is a guilty pleasure of mine. i still have no idea how they became famous or landed a reality tv show, but that doesn't stop me from watching. :)

theanalyst said...

Guilty pleasure here. Honestly, I think Khloe is pretty. She is bigger than her sisters, but I also think it is important for viewers to keep in mind--TV is deceiving. Kim is only about 5'2". She is tiny, so of course Chloe will look big next to her. Also, if you watch Celebrity Apprentice, you will see Chloe is not big next to the other women who are of a more average/tall height.