Wednesday, March 4, 2009

P.S. My Mom Reads This Blog

My mom? Adorable (as evidenced by the pic above) and incredible. She's my #1 role model in life, and i couldn't live without her. That being said, she has become a frequent reader of my blog. Umm.... i'm not okay with that. When my sister told me last week that she gave Mom the link to my blog, i was tempted to fly out to California and smack her on the head. It's not that anything here is particularly naughty, it's just that it's weird. My ideal blog audience does not include parental figures of the Korean variety. Sometimes it's weird enough knowing my sister reads it! So anyway, MOM, if you're reading this, STOP IT. :-)

This week has been dragging by, but tomorrow is Thursday which in my world is Friday b/c i leave for NYC on the real Friday!! I'm BEYOND excited - can you tell? I know i can't stop talking about it, and that's because i'm sooo desperate for a vacay (even a quick weekend one) it's insane. So far the weather is looking bearable, much warmer than it was last weekend, and i'm hoping all chances of rain will disappear. I've sorta started packing my huge leopard print suitcase (meaning i've thrown piles of clothes on top of it and shoved it in the corner of my bedroom), and i'm quite proud of myself actually. Packing's never been my forte in that i tend to... overpack. But so far i've planned to bring only 3 pairs of shoes (comfy brown leather Frye-style boots, black patent peeptoe booties, and tan leather loafers), 2 coats (red TopShop and long black wool Anthro), 2 handbags (black Hayden Harnett and LV Speedy), and 3 outfits (Saturday brunch/shopping, Saturday dinner/bars, Sunday brunch/shopping). Not bad eh? This'll be my first time flying JetBlue, and i'm TRES excited!! Cable tv?? Yes, please! More space than AA? YES, PLEASE.

Ooh sorry i just got momentarily distracted by a Payless shoes commercial. Wow i haven't been to a Payless in ages, but some of those shoes looked cute! Still there is some truth to the notion that ridiculously expensive designer shoes, despite their 5-inch heels, are more comfortable than those tempting Payless/Target/etc shoes you can get for like $20.

ANYWAY, can i just say, that i adore getting all these lovely comments from new blog readers. Please - comment away!

Having that ADD problem again... must visit a few more blogs and then get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow = full day of work, meeting up a dear friend on South Congress for "First Thursday", seeing the A&F show (aka law school musical), and packing for REAL. Bonsoir, mes amies!!



K.Imaginelli said...

have a fabulous time in nyc~~i can't wait to read all the details!

Lynne from NY said...

Take lots of pix/post them, I miss my favorite city!

ps) Your Mom is lovely and looks young enough to be your sister!

Melita said...

your mom is adorable. take some of that out of your suitcase girrrl, how else are you going to bring all of your ny goodies home with you :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

my mum reads my blog too but she doesn't quite get the concept of a design blog or a blog infact! :)