Monday, March 9, 2009

New York State of Mind

As promised, here's a blog-friendly lowdown on my short but sweet trip to the big city!


Arrive at JFK around 5 p.m.. This is my first time flying JetBlue, and i LOVE it! The ability to watch digital tv while flying is incredible. Feel like i'm falling asleep in my own bed, with the strangely comforting sounds of Law and Order: Criminal Intent in the background. Love it. Also love the extra legroom and uber-clean bathrooms. Anyway after picking up my oversized leopard print suitcase from baggage claim, i hop in a cab and head to Chelsea. 40 minutes later i'm beyond nauseous and staggering out the cab and into one of the loveliest lobbies i've ever seen. Get upstairs to S's apartment only to realize that she's not home. Too tired and nauseous to go back downstairs and get key from doorman. So i wait (not too long) and S arrives - hurray! We chat while making chicken korma (really complicated yo), garlic naan (ready to bake), and green beans (yum). Have delightful dinner with delicious wine and pass out pretty early.

Sleep in and decide to make Ina Garten's easy sticky buns. We did well, don't ya think?

Around noon i leave S's and make the long but lovely walk to Soho. Along the way i snap a few pics...

i heart Jonathan Adler, don't you? His fun, fearless approach to interior design is right up my alley, and he LOVES bright colors!

Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but this darling restaurant has a giant gold birdcage in the front window in which you can sit and dine. Love!! Must go back there on my next visit. I think the place is called Sweetiepie or something... any New Yorkers know??

Bubblegum pink building? Nuff said.

Ew. The not-so-chic side of living in the city is dealing with mounds of black, urine-stained snow (dog? man? who knows!). This was here despite the fact that it was easily 70 degrees outside. Weird.

Hurray! Make it to Balthezar with time to spare. Meet up with dear friend M and her hubby and indulge in delicious puff pastry with scrambled eggs with asparagus and mushroom, a pastry basket, mussels and fries, and mimosas.

After brunch we say goodbye to the hubby and proceed to shop shop SHOP! I pick up some goodies from H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo and along the way, we stop at a sidewalk stand of ITTY BITTY CUPCAKES! They are all "stuffed" with some deliciousness. I get a little smores cupcake, and M gets peanut butter cup. Aren't they cute??

After a full day of shopping and chatting, i hop in a cab and head back to Chelsea. That night S and i plan to meet up with W and his boyfriend B for dinner at Sant Ambroeuse in the West Village. We decide to fully take advantage of the weather and have drinks on S's HUGE patio beforehand. We even sit outside at dinner! And proceed to go through 2 bottles of vino...

After the food and wine we head to an Irish-themed bar (don't ask) to meet up with some other friends for a beer. Activities include watching a girl open THIRTY birthday presents from her mother (yes - she was turning 30) and braiding a My Little Pony's hair. Afterwards we go to another bar/club that involves waiting in line (ew), and paying cover (double EW), but at least there is decent music inside. Finally, D, S, and i end the night by sharing yet another cab. (Also - this random h8er kid jumps into the cab with us and totally bolts w/o paying. We are entirely too drunk and happy to care.) P.S. i heart my friends!!

I wake up remember why late night drinking is not the norm for me. S and i make it out of bed in time to walk to Pastis found in the uber-chic meatpacking district. As we walk, S (knowing i'm a huge fan of The City) asks me if things are looking familiar. YES! There's the DVF where Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo spend their days being filmed right across the street!! S refuses to take a pic of me in front of the store (H8ER!!) so i'm forced to make do by taking a pic in front of the store while ACROSS the street. You can sorta see the big DVF letters... right?

Brunch is INCREDIBLE. I heart Pastis and completely understand its reputation. I vow to return on my next trip to NYC. (i also vow to embrace with a loved one much like the couple below) See the delicious Croque Madame and french fries? D had never had a Croque Madame (or Monsieur for that matter) before. I love introducing delicious food to my friends!! I force them to take a pic with me outside before we part ways. (could care less if we look like tourists!) :-)

After brunch, D, S and i walk down Fifth Avenue. I visit my good friends Henri Bendel and Barneys, even check out the new 2-story Juicy Couture flagship store. We end our perfect NY Sunday with lattes. Parfait.

I've much more to say about New York City, life, and all that but that's for another post. All in all i had a WONDERFUL time, much thanks to my dear amies, and i can't wait to return. That being said, i got to work today feeling (and looking) like a zombie and have a feeling it'll take me awhile to catch up. Also, daylight savings is cruel on vacation, n'est ce pas?


K.Imaginelli said...

yes, daylight savings is cruel

so loved this nyc post~~it makes me hungry for the city & all the goodies I could eat there

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Really enjoyed reading that and sounds like you had an amazing week-end!!! (also love all the food piccies - yummy!). Hope that you catch up on your sleep soon...

Melita said...

thank you for sharing. makes me wish the time would fly until march 20th (when i am heading to nyc)!! love the pics and the narrative.

oh, why you were gallivanting in ny, i made a 3 hr day trip to leesburg, va to finally meet THE htc in person. kimberly was hosting a get your yoga on there. it was SO fabulous. and she is SUCH a sweetheart in person. just wanted to share :)

have a good week and get some rest. yes, we ALWAYS need a vacation after our vacation, or at least i feel i do lol

Lynne from NY said...

Fabulous blog! What a fun-filled weekend and great pix.

I just read about Sweetiepie! Found it online in case you want to check it out for your next trip:

Jennifer Szeto said...

Your hair is so cute in those pics with M!!!! I love it =)