Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Last Supper

1. "Robin" nude platform sandals from Banana Republic that i'd been eyeing for quite awhile. The good news is that i got them for basically 50% off after lots of complicated coupon-ning/having S buy them for me in NYC/etc. They are insanely comfy and just need a pair of heel grips to keep them from slipping off. Nude is huge this season and really do make your legs seem miles-long.

2. The devafuser hair diffuser that i first read about in a magazine, ripped out the page, then decided it wasn't worth it. THEN i read about it via Nina from Femme Rationale, and her promises of voluminous hair were enough to convince me that it was definitely worth trying. (i love me some big Texas hair!) Looks crazy eh?

3. This thin cotton nautical/French striped tee from the GAP. Being top-heavy, i normally don't do horizontal stripes, but the loose fit and low neckline of this tee actually seem to work in my favor.

4. These Boutique 9 "Idalia" suede peep-toe T-strap wedges (could i throw more adjectives in there??) that i scored at TJ Maxx for $29.99. They are a tiny bit on the snug side (a 7 when i'm really a 7.5), but completely worth the discomfort. ;-)

And that, my friends, is why i'm DONE shopping. I've been contemplating how long this Shopping Challenge should last... I'm thinking a month to start? We'll see how it goes.

In other news? I woke up this morning exhausted beyond belief, hating everything in my closet, and having a major "fat day". Bleh. Hope your morning's gone better than mine!


Kirsten said...

Ok, I love everything you bought! LOVE! Curious about the diffuser, let me know what you think, I have super curly hair and a love/hate relationship with diffusers (sometimes they make my hair frizz, other times they make my hair look amazing).

Melita said...

i was also curious about the devafuser. i have pretty straight hair and need a little boost :)

brad said...

Do something on what men need :) I'm dying to hear.